July President Update

The information below was provided by Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA President. If you have any questions you can reach Mary Beth at bod.mbhuffman@ilpoa.org.

Well, since the June update, Indian Hills has endured another disaster.  Not even a full week after our tornado, our area was hit with a flash flood.  It is hard to understand the power of water until you see 2000 pound hay bales and full-size trees flowing above and around our Cove 9 bridge.  Unfortunately, that flash flood has accelerated the deterioration of the bridge.  After maintenance had found some damage when the water receded, we called the engineer for a professional inspection.  The report is found on our website.  We have to restrict the traffic on the bridge to car and pickup traffic.  All other vehicles will have to go by way of the dam to get to the west side of the lake.  We also had to do some repair work to the west apron of the bridge, work that was of course not budgeted, but unfortunately is critical enough to do if we want to continue to leave the bridge open to cars and pickups until this winter when it will be replaced. 

As Cochran noted in their report, the flood caused damage on the bridge to accelerate.  As the judge has ruled the assessment to be legal, we need the remaining members holding out for that decision to pay their invoices by the August 1 due date so that we can bid out and have that construction ready to go when we drop the lake this fall. 

The quarterly member meeting was held on the patio on July 11.  We were unsure what the attendance would be during COVID, but there was a great turnout and folks were able to spread out and hear the latest news from the Board Members.  And it was also a chance for the members to speak out and certainly at this meeting there was no mistaking what the member’s feelings were!  It was great to see everybody, thank you for attending and see ya in October! 

We have been experiencing many problems with SOME renters – I am not generalizing – it has NOT been ALL renters.  But if you choose to rent your house, please review the rules and regulations and by-laws yourself and with your tenants.  Many renters believe erroneously they are entitled to use Indian Hills community property and they are NOT unless they have invested in the Tenant Card.  They may not use the lake, the beach, tennis courts, etc.  These rules, submitted and voted on by the members,  are listed in Section 1 of the Rules and Regulations.  And ultimately, the member renting the house is responsible for their tenants and guests.  These rules also apply to members, not in good standing – they are never to use any of the Indian Hills Community property. 

Speaking of Rules, if you don’t like one (or more), attempt to CHANGE them!  It is time to submit your proposed changes/additions/deletions to our documents, due August 31.  The forms are found on the website, or in the office. Remember all submitted changes will be vetted to ensure they are legal and enforceable before they can be voted on by our members.

Also, please consider running for the board!  The last few years have been a turning point in Indian Hills history.  It is a VERY FULFILLING experience to be a part of the community in the capacity of a board member.  We are looking for some candidates willing to lead Indian Hills into the future.

Of many surprises (a pleasant surprise!) is how quickly houses and lots are moving in Indian Hills during COVID.  We have new members coming in constantly for their “New Member Kits” since the first of the year.  We have a constant flow in the office of folks looking to buy and a waiting list for any on-the-water properties.  If you are contemplating leaving, please get with one of our agents familiar with Indian Hills properties, things are moving quickly and smoothly with these agents who understand the Indian Hills documents, rules and way of life.  And since there is not an inventory of houses available, more and more folks are asking about the building requirements.  Not only are the properties selling quickly, but we also have so many folks that are investing in their current properties!  A testament to our moving forward!     

We were upset about having to cancel the Light Up the Night boat parade.  But many folks decorated and went out anyway, was BEAUTIFUL!  We will plan it again next year!

Let’s carry on, get through COVID!  Stay healthy.

Mary Beth Huffman

ILPOA President

July Legal Update

The information below was provided by Chris Pinaire, ILPOA Legal Chair. If you have any questions you can reach Chris at bod.cpinaire@ilpoa.org.

Fellow Members:

This past week there have been developments in the three lawsuits the ILPOA is party to.

In case number 19CF-CC00003, Indian Hills Civic Association and plaintiffs Brunts, O’Fallon, Wideman, and Williams vs. Indian Lake Property Owners Association (defendant), there is one count remaining.  It is count V, Fraud.  Originally this count was requested to be dismissed by the plaintiffs.  However, there was a motion filed to remove the dismissal, so we are going back to court to set the trial date for this count.  Our next court hearing is August 11, 2020.  In case you have not been following the emails and social media posts, I have summarized the counts and judgements for counts II – IV below.  Count I was not an actionable count, therefore it never went to trial.

The judgement on Count II Declaratory Judgement was as follows:

  • Annual Assessments declared under the BUR may only be amended by 2/3 of the property owners in writing and are the only assessments in which a lien upon real estate is applicable.
  • The bridge design and construction assessments through our by-laws were passed in accordance with our by-laws  and were legal and within the powers of the board of directors.
  • Boat registration fees and fines provisions are not considered assessments and therefore valid under the rules and regulations of the ILPOA.
  • Interest provisions are not considered an assessment and therefore legal and within the powers of the ILPOA.
  • For Count III Injunctive Relief, Judgement was declared in favor of the Defendant, ILPOA.

Additionally, for those that attended the recent member meeting on Saturday, July 11th, 2020, you heard one of the plaintiffs, Dale Brunts, mentioned that our case will most likely go to appeal.  This is disheartening as it will require us to spend more money on legal fees (which requires us to set asides thousands of dollars in our budget that could be put toward more useful projects) as well as more hours preparing for court.  To date, we have spent nearly $35,000 of your money on this case.  We hope for a quick resolution so that we can pick up the pieces and re-build the infrastructure in this community. 

Several members have also asked about filing a counter-suit against the plaintiffs.  While as members of this community we may be frustrated, it is the Board of Directors position to not file a countersuit.  We want closure on this case so we can move forward as one community.  However, at the member meeting several members asked about forming a committee to file the countersuit.  The BOD cannot control this as members can do as they wish.  I hope, though, that we can all move forward as ONE community

In our second lawsuit, the Trail Road case has been dismissed.  The property has been sold and is no longer in a lawsuit to determine if trail road is a public or private road.  It will remain private and is no longer a threat of unauthorized entry to our community. 

Our third lawsuit is with All-Type Fence.  There have not been many updates at this time.  Our court date is set for bench trial on October 28, 2020.  As more information comes to light, I will share it with the community. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or another board member directly should you have any further questions.

Love the Lake,

Chris Pinaire

ILPOA Legal Chair

July Treasurers Update

Scott Rockafellow (Treasurer) provided the update below. If you have any questions you can email Scott at bod.srockfellow@ilpoa.org.

Hard to believe that we are only half way through 2020 given everything that has happened in a short 6 months.  Attached is the financial update through the

First 6 months of the year. 

Overall, we are at 55% percent of the operating budget

  • Two areas that we’ll be watching is Roads & Maintenance, and equipment repairs.  These 2 areas are running close to 80% of the annual budgets
    • The team has done a fantastic job in ensuring that equipment is up and running, and we are still able to repair equipment.  However, it

Brings to light that we need to look at investing in new equipment.

  • Maintenance has kept up on Road repairs extremely well, considering the challenges with recent storms.
  • Other areas are under budget and are helping us to stay within our overall budget!

Current anticipated free cash for the year is around $82K, so we don’t have a lot of wiggle room, as the project list grows.  The Board will continue to discuss/review and prioritize

Needs, especially given the recent damage form the Tornado and flooding. 

Currently, we have $112,000 in uncollected funds (back dues, bankruptcies, defaults), which continues to create challenges.

July Update: Lake, Dam & Spillway Report

The following report for Lake, Dam & Spillway was provided by Dale Brunts (Chairman Lake, Dam & Spillway). Should you have any questions you can email Dale at bod.dbrunts@ilpoa.org.

Buoys were set as follows:

  • Cove 1:  2 buoys
  • Cove 2:  1 buoy
  • Cove 3:  1 buoy
  • Cove 4:  1 buoy
  • Cove 5:  1 buoy
  • Cove 6:  1 buoy
  • Cove 7:  2 buoys
  • Swim Area:  3 buoys
  • Entrance to marina:  1 buoy  
  • #37 Lakeshore:  1 buoy
  • #584 Lakeshore:  1 buoy

July Security Update

The Security Incidents report from June was provided by Koren McGinnis (Security Chair). If you have any questions you can email Koren at bod.kmcginnis@ilpoa.org.

6/2         Roving patrol received a call about a suspicious person sitting at the community hall, when questioned found out they were not even members and were asked to leave

6/3         A road rage incident ended at the entrance, CCSD was involved

6/6         Roving patrol found a boat with no sticker, the member said the office isn’t open and because of covid they should get a break.  They went ahead put their boat in. 

6/6         Roving patrol found another boat with no sticker, claimed they ordered it but never received it.  Boat stickers are not to be mailed, only picked up from the office.  They went ahead and put on the water.

6/6         Received a phone call of a red ATV driving too fast, found ATV, and talked to the owners.

6/8         Roving patrol stopped a boating coming out of cove 1 with no boat stickers

6/10       Received a call at 2:46AM of someone hitting the exit arm.

6/13       Received a call from a member on Sequoya that their confederate flag was stolen and hate mail left in his mailbox, he was instructed to call CCSD.

6/14       Received a phone call about people fishing off the island.

6/15       Received a phone call from a member saying there was property damage to his boat, they were instructed to call CCSD.

6/18       Roving patrol found nonmembers driving around looking for a place to swim, asked them to leave.  They found a code off Facebook to let them in the gate.

6/19       Exit gate arm was staying up and not closing, per roving patrol.

6/20       Roving patrol found a boat in cove 9 putting in with no stickers, they claim it was new and the office was not open. 

6/25       Had a member call roving patrol wanting them to pick up their dog.

6/27       Roving patrol was called to help members with the exit gate, no one will pull up far enough to activate the arm. 

6/27       Roving patrol helped with traffic at the down power line on the entrance road. 

July Roads & Maintenance Update

Gary Campbell (Roads & Maintenance Chair) provided the update below. If you have any questions you can email Gary at bod.gcampbell@ilpoa.org).

Mary Beth said it best, “What next?” Let’s hope there is not a next. This month has brought enough challenges and experiences to last for the next century.

We have been busy with normal activities:

  • Grass cutting, trimming, etc.
  • Pothole repair – we are running out of asphalt cold patch repair material and need to get more, but we may have to wait until we get past the storm damage repairs and see where we sit. The asphalt will run about $2500 for about 20 tons to see us through the rest of the season.
  • Filling eroded shoulders has become a higher priority since the storms, caused by the downburst we experienced, cause significant issues in several spots. Again, this has impacted our supplies of road repair materials.
  • Buoys – The job of buoy placement suffered a setback due to the storms. Some moved, some were underwater due to the flooding, but we did get some set, some reset, and plan to get back to that as soon as our limited staff allows (We have one out of work until the 16th due to a spider bite with staph infection).
  • Worked on the patrol boat to get it ready for service (Installed a cover and siren)
  • Gate repairs
  • Began install of cable at bottom of dam (Planted posts at the bottom)
  • Replaced gas tank on the Blue truck that had sprung a leak (Aging equipment costs)

And the not so normal activities:

  • Rebuilding picnic tables
  • Lake cleanup (Several logs, hay bales-approx a doz @ 2000 lbs dry, and a TV just to mention a few)
  • Replaced the swim rope and buoys at the beach
  • Cleanup of approximately a half dozen trees downed by the tornado on Association properties and clearing roads immediately following the storm to allow safe passage of vehicles.
  • Other storm damage

And a few things yet to do:

  • Tree removal (Cove 9)
  • Cove 9 bridge to be inspected
  • Volleyball net replacement (It took a hit)
  • Install cable at the bottom of the dam
  • White truck needs major work (Currently running on about 6 of 10 cylinders – aging equipment)
  • Storm damage
  • Cut some ditch in areas where needed to prevent or decrease runoff across personal properties.

Many of you have seen first hand how important dealing with runoff is to prevent significant erosion. I ask each member of the community to revisit the need to keep your culverts clear, your ditches dug down, and anything else that might carry the runoff to the lake in a safe, efficient manner.

Also, I want to thank the Booster Club, Men’s Club, and the Women’s Club for their generous contributions. Together, they have contributed a combined $8,140 thus far. Thank you all who are a part of that!!

Again, Mary Beth has mentioned it a few times, but Joe, Walt & Matt have been amazing!! What they continue to accomplish is phenomenal. Thank you, guys!!

Limited Time Offer for ILPOA Logo’d Merchandise


We are so excited to announce an Indian Hills Merchandise Site!  We have been working with a local business, Doug’s Shirt Shack, to bring you the ability to order some merchandise on-line.  

You will order directly on the site.  All merchandise will be sent to you directly.  The pricing does not include the delivery/taxes until you check out.  

This is a trial basis.  You must have your orders in by 12 am on July 26.  Doug will then work on ordering, printing and mailing the orders that next week.  We will see what kind of interest this site brings before Doug will commit to an Indian Hills store beyond July.

A portion of each order will benefit the Indian Hills Booster Club.


Merchandise Committee
Cathy Gore
Mary Ann Richmond
Crystal Walton
Nancy Windorff
Mary Beth Huffman

Indian Lake Tornado Warning Strategy

We have received many questions why there were no tornado sirens sounded during the storm on Saturday, June 27.  I wanted to give some clarification.

The policy of the tornado sirens is as follows:

  1. The National Weather Service issues a Tornado Warning.
  2. Cuba, MO then activates their tornado sirens.
  3. Upon Cuba’s activation, Cencom-911 remotely turns on our siren at Indian Hills.

On June 27, there was no tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service, thus it did not kick off the Cuba and Indian Hills sirens.

Indian Hills also has the ability to turn on our own tornado siren.  But we rely on NWS/Cuba/Cencom-911 to activate, as we do not have any qualified weather personnel.

Our siren is located in Cove 5 and is tested frequently by security and by Cencom-911.  We have been talking about going back to a testing program during weekend hours to give the membership an audible.  We will communicate if and when that program is started. But again, whether you hear it or not, we are often testing the siren.

I met with the director of Cencom-911 after the tornado so that we could discuss if we could be doing anything better to alert our members of bad weather. Both Brad England and myself have strongly suggested the App Smart 911.  This App not only gives weather alerts, but Public Safety Alerts (i.e. electrical outages, Covid alerts, etc.).   Remember, the siren isn’t always audible inside your house, even when it is blasting.  When you download this app, put your lake address when asked. 

Would be happy to hear any other suggestions that members may have regarding alerting Indian Hills during bad weather.

Mary Beth Huffman


Boat Dock Electrical Safety

If you own a boat and/or a dock, take steps now to help prevent a tragedy. The Energy Education Council’s Safe Electricity program advises, “Prevent deadly shocks. Check your boats and docks.”

July 2012 saw horrific fatal accidents near boats and boat docks. A 26-year-old woman was swimming with family in the Lake of the Ozarks was electrocuted when she touched an energized dock ladder. Also at Lake of the Ozarks, a 13-year-old girl and her 8-year-old brother received fatal electrical shocks while swimming near a private dock; officials cited an improperly grounded circuit as the cause. In Tennessee, two boys, ages 10 and 11, lost their lives as they were shocked while swimming between houseboats on Cherokee Lake, a result of electricity entering the water apparently through frayed wires beneath the boat.

An important step in helping prevent such tragedies is to ensure proper installation and maintenance of electrical equipment on docks and on boats. Take the time to inspect all electrical systems on or near the water.

Safe Electricity, with the American Boat and Yacht Council and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers/National Electrical Contractors Association, recommends adhering to these steps to improve water recreation safety and accident prevention:

  • All electrical installations should be performed by a professional electrical contractor familiar with marine codes and standards, and inspected at least once a year.
  • Docks should have ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) breakers on the circuits feeding electricity to the dock.
  • The metal frame of docks should be bonded to connect all metal parts to the alternating current (AC) safety ground at the power source. That will ensure any part of the metal dock that becomes energized because of electrical malfunction will trip the circuit breaker.
  • Neighboring docks can also present a shock hazard. Make your neighbors aware of the need for safety inspections and maintenance. Marinas should comply with NFPA and NEC codes.

Here are a few additional tips to remember for your boat’s electrical system, particularly those with AC systems:

  • Regardless of the size of boat, maintenance of the electrical system should be done by a professional familiar with marine electrical codes.
  • Have your boat’s electrical system checked at least once a year. Boats should also be checked when something is added to or removed from their systems.
  • Boats with AC systems should have isolation transformers or equipment leakage circuit interrupter (ELCI) protection, comply with ABYC standards, and be serviced by an ABYC Certified® Technician.

If you are in the water and feel electric current:

  • Shout to let others know.
  • Tuck your legs up to make yourself smaller.
  • Try to go away from anything that could be energized.
  • Do not head to boat or dock ladders to get out.

If you are on the dock or shore when a swimmer feels electrical current:

  • Do not jump in.
  • Throw them a flotation device.
  • Unplug or turn off the source of electricity as quickly as possible.
  • Then call for help.

Have a great weekend!

Thank you,

Genifer Cape

Community Relations Representative, Crawford Electric Cooperative

P.O. Box 10, Bourbon, MO 65441


1.800.677.2667 ext. 131, 573.732.4415 ext. 131, 573.732.5409 fax

07/05/20 Lake Use Update

Summary: 1) NO WAKE from Cove 7 through Cove 9, 2) Dam Road Open for only 911 Services, 3) Recommend No Skiing, Tubing, etc. due to below the surface debris.


It was nice to see so many folks enjoying the lake yesterday in a different capacity. Folks tied together with music, kayakers, sailboats, etc. I have received ALOT of notes from folks that loved it and believe we should have some No-Wake days during normal summer operations. If you agree, we will be requesting rule changes soon, submit a suggestion and the membership can vote on it.

Attached is a picture of the spillway at the dam early this morning. There is still 3” of water across it, and we continue to have debris constantly washing up. Joe Modray is out there with the tractor already removing the tree trunks-thank you so much!! Although we are going to open the dam road for only 911 services, we ask that you still go around to Cove 9 to access the other side of the lake, as cleanup from the spillway will be ongoing for quite some time.

We are opening the lake for normal speeds between Cove 7 to the dam for members to proceed at their own risk. Cove 7 through Cove 9 will still be considered a NO WAKE ZONE. We still request that you stay out of Cove 7-please use the other coves.

Although we are opening for normal speeds between Cove 7 and the dam, we strongly suggest that you do not ski and/or tube. We continue to pull debris out of the lake. Most concerning that was found UNDER THE SURFACE yesterday was a 6’ 4×4 with 8’ of barbed wire attached to it. We “will not enforce no skiers or tubers”, but again, we suggest you do not put your families in danger at high speeds in the water this weekend.

As a reminder, Water Patrol is out there for your safety as well as to enforce the rules that the members have put in place. They constantly endure a ridiculous amount of abuse, but yesterday quite a few members were rude, felt entitled, were drunk and out of control, etc. We are all trying to do the best we can after a tornado one weekend and a flood the next to keep our members/guests safe and to minimize additional damage to our property. Please do not take your frustrations out on our employees.

Please make sure that you clean up your firework debris from the roads, dam, etc. Take your debris home. The dumpsters at the Community Center are not for your personal use and we have cameras there. Fireworks will end tonight at 11. Fireworks are NOT to be shot at the tennis courts or beach. We hope that whoever used the tennis courts last night as their personal fireworks launch is out there with a bucket and cleaner getting rid of the scorch marks.

Mary Beth Huffman
ILPOA President