Lake, Dam & Spillway

September 25, 2020

Bridge Committee Update (9/25/20)

Things are moving forward with our new Cove 9 Bridge.  On Tuesday, September 15, we hosted a prebid meeting for interested contractors at the Community Center.  Five contractors were represented at this meeting led by Cochran Engineering, in addition to the utility companies, Crawford Electric, Indian Hills Utilities and Century […]
August 19, 2020

Update on Cove 9 Bridge

August 2020 COVID-19 has not stopped ILPOA Bridge Committee from meeting remotely and moving forward with plans to build a new bridge over Brush Creek on Cove 9, replacing the existing rapidly deteriorating bridge. This announcement reflects the intended timeframe needed to build a new bridge and alerts Members to the current bridge access being closed.  […]
July 27, 2020

July Update: Lake, Dam & Spillway Report

The following report for Lake, Dam & Spillway was provided by Dale Brunts (Chairman Lake, Dam & Spillway). Should you have any questions you can email Dale at Buoys were set as follows: Cove 1:  2 buoys Cove 2:  1 buoy Cove 3:  1 buoy Cove 4:  1 buoy […]
July 7, 2020

Boat Dock Electrical Safety

If you own a boat and/or a dock, take steps now to help prevent a tragedy. The Energy Education Council’s Safe Electricity program advises, “Prevent deadly shocks. Check your boats and docks.” July 2012 saw horrific fatal accidents near boats and boat docks. A 26-year-old woman was swimming with family […]
July 5, 2020

07/05/20 Lake Use Update

Summary: 1) NO WAKE from Cove 7 through Cove 9, 2) Dam Road Open for only 911 Services, 3) Recommend No Skiing, Tubing, etc. due to below the surface debris. MEMBERS It was nice to see so many folks enjoying the lake yesterday in a different capacity. Folks tied together […]
July 3, 2020

Flooding Update

Members, Our crews and some volunteers have been working since this morning to clean up the hay bales, logs, debris, etc. THANK YOU SO MUCH to the folks that have been helping us all day do that. And thank you to everybody staying off the lake so that cleanup can […]
July 3, 2020


Members,We have had some significant flooding at Indian Hills. Cove 9 Bridge was under water for about 2 hours and now the water has receded and the road is currently open. Right now, the lake is closed until further notice for safety reasons as many watercrafts and debris are floating loose. We are […]
June 28, 2020

Lake,Dam& Spillway Update – July 2020

The information below was provided by Dale Brunts, ILPOA Lake, Dam & Spillway Chair. Any questions can be directed to Dale at I met with Rachel Carter from Ozark Testing on 6/19/2020. A total of 3 water samples were taken from the beach area. Specific locations:  Beach by Corner […]