Limited Time Offer for ILPOA Logo’d Merchandise

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July 8, 2020
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July 27, 2020
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Limited Time Offer for ILPOA Logo’d Merchandise


We are so excited to announce an Indian Hills Merchandise Site!  We have been working with a local business, Doug’s Shirt Shack, to bring you the ability to order some merchandise on-line.  

You will order directly on the site.  All merchandise will be sent to you directly.  The pricing does not include the delivery/taxes until you check out.  

This is a trial basis.  You must have your orders in by 12 am on July 26.  Doug will then work on ordering, printing and mailing the orders that next week.  We will see what kind of interest this site brings before Doug will commit to an Indian Hills store beyond July.

A portion of each order will benefit the Indian Hills Booster Club.

Merchandise Committee
Cathy Gore
Mary Ann Richmond
Crystal Walton
Nancy Windorff
Mary Beth Huffman