Indian Lake Tornado Warning Strategy

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July 7, 2020
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July 9, 2020
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Indian Lake Tornado Warning Strategy

We have received many questions why there were no tornado sirens sounded during the storm on Saturday, June 27.  I wanted to give some clarification.

The policy of the tornado sirens is as follows:

  1. The National Weather Service issues a Tornado Warning.
  2. Cuba, MO then activates their tornado sirens.
  3. Upon Cuba’s activation, Cencom-911 remotely turns on our siren at Indian Hills.

On June 27, there was no tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service, thus it did not kick off the Cuba and Indian Hills sirens.

Indian Hills also has the ability to turn on our own tornado siren.  But we rely on NWS/Cuba/Cencom-911 to activate, as we do not have any qualified weather personnel.

Our siren is located in Cove 5 and is tested frequently by security and by Cencom-911.  We have been talking about going back to a testing program during weekend hours to give the membership an audible.  We will communicate if and when that program is started. But again, whether you hear it or not, we are often testing the siren.

I met with the director of Cencom-911 after the tornado so that we could discuss if we could be doing anything better to alert our members of bad weather. Both Brad England and myself have strongly suggested the App Smart 911.  This App not only gives weather alerts, but Public Safety Alerts (i.e. electrical outages, Covid alerts, etc.).   Remember, the siren isn’t always audible inside your house, even when it is blasting.  When you download this app, put your lake address when asked. 

Would be happy to hear any other suggestions that members may have regarding alerting Indian Hills during bad weather.

Mary Beth Huffman