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July Legal Update
July 27, 2020
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August 6, 2020
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July President Update

The information below was provided by Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA President. If you have any questions you can reach Mary Beth at bod.mbhuffman@ilpoa.org.

Well, since the June update, Indian Hills has endured another disaster.  Not even a full week after our tornado, our area was hit with a flash flood.  It is hard to understand the power of water until you see 2000 pound hay bales and full-size trees flowing above and around our Cove 9 bridge.  Unfortunately, that flash flood has accelerated the deterioration of the bridge.  After maintenance had found some damage when the water receded, we called the engineer for a professional inspection.  The report is found on our website.  We have to restrict the traffic on the bridge to car and pickup traffic.  All other vehicles will have to go by way of the dam to get to the west side of the lake.  We also had to do some repair work to the west apron of the bridge, work that was of course not budgeted, but unfortunately is critical enough to do if we want to continue to leave the bridge open to cars and pickups until this winter when it will be replaced. 

As Cochran noted in their report, the flood caused damage on the bridge to accelerate.  As the judge has ruled the assessment to be legal, we need the remaining members holding out for that decision to pay their invoices by the August 1 due date so that we can bid out and have that construction ready to go when we drop the lake this fall. 

The quarterly member meeting was held on the patio on July 11.  We were unsure what the attendance would be during COVID, but there was a great turnout and folks were able to spread out and hear the latest news from the Board Members.  And it was also a chance for the members to speak out and certainly at this meeting there was no mistaking what the member’s feelings were!  It was great to see everybody, thank you for attending and see ya in October! 

We have been experiencing many problems with SOME renters – I am not generalizing – it has NOT been ALL renters.  But if you choose to rent your house, please review the rules and regulations and by-laws yourself and with your tenants.  Many renters believe erroneously they are entitled to use Indian Hills community property and they are NOT unless they have invested in the Tenant Card.  They may not use the lake, the beach, tennis courts, etc.  These rules, submitted and voted on by the members,  are listed in Section 1 of the Rules and Regulations.  And ultimately, the member renting the house is responsible for their tenants and guests.  These rules also apply to members, not in good standing – they are never to use any of the Indian Hills Community property. 

Speaking of Rules, if you don’t like one (or more), attempt to CHANGE them!  It is time to submit your proposed changes/additions/deletions to our documents, due August 31.  The forms are found on the website, or in the office. Remember all submitted changes will be vetted to ensure they are legal and enforceable before they can be voted on by our members.

Also, please consider running for the board!  The last few years have been a turning point in Indian Hills history.  It is a VERY FULFILLING experience to be a part of the community in the capacity of a board member.  We are looking for some candidates willing to lead Indian Hills into the future.

Of many surprises (a pleasant surprise!) is how quickly houses and lots are moving in Indian Hills during COVID.  We have new members coming in constantly for their “New Member Kits” since the first of the year.  We have a constant flow in the office of folks looking to buy and a waiting list for any on-the-water properties.  If you are contemplating leaving, please get with one of our agents familiar with Indian Hills properties, things are moving quickly and smoothly with these agents who understand the Indian Hills documents, rules and way of life.  And since there is not an inventory of houses available, more and more folks are asking about the building requirements.  Not only are the properties selling quickly, but we also have so many folks that are investing in their current properties!  A testament to our moving forward!     

We were upset about having to cancel the Light Up the Night boat parade.  But many folks decorated and went out anyway, was BEAUTIFUL!  We will plan it again next year!

Let’s carry on, get through COVID!  Stay healthy.

Mary Beth Huffman

ILPOA President