December 2023 ILPOA CARE Metrics

January 27 Excessive Wake Workshop
January 31, 2024
January 2024 ILPOA CARE Metrics
February 19, 2024
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December 2023 ILPOA CARE Metrics

The ILPOA CARE Committee wishes to present the following metrics for December 2023.  We apologize for the lateness as CCSD was short staffed during January.

* During December, 2 citations were written.  Neither citation levied a fine on a member. 

* Paid hours of CARE employee patrols totaled 262.50.

* We began court proceedings for new nuisance property and attended one court date for another nuisance property.

* We received back due Association fees and fines on a foreclosed piece of property.

* We issued a stop work order on construction lacking an approved permit.

* On December 8th, our entrance gate was struck by a vehicle, resulting in 1 hour of down time.

* The number of cars through our front gate in December totaled 17,980.

* For the year 2023, the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department average 2.5 regular daily patrols of Indian Hills.  In additional, CCSD responded to 176 special service patrols requirements at Indian Hills during 2023. Sixty-seven of the special service responses involved citizen complaints, disturbances and medical issues.   Fifty-five of the special service responses were categorized as criminal activity or suspicious activity and 18 involved some form of alarm.

* We thank our CARE employees and the efforts of CCSD.

R C Dixon