January 2024 ILPOA CARE Metrics

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February 7, 2024
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January 2024 ILPOA CARE Metrics


The ILPOA CARE Committee wishes to present the following CARE Metrics for January 2024:

* During the month of January, 2024, CARE wrote one citation, resulting in a fine of $100.

* During the month of January 2024, ILPOA CARE employees recorded 174 paid hours of work.

* During January, 2024, the ILPOA Board filed one court case for a member nuisance property and attended a final court hearing on another member nuisance property.* During January, 2024, our front and exit gates were inoperable for some portion of 12 days due to weather related maintenance.

* 10,300 vehicles passed through the ILPOA front gates during the month of January, 2024.

* The Crawford County Sheriff’s Department continues to average 2 1/2  regular ILPOA patrols every twenty-four hours.  Additionally, they average a special response, per Member or Association request every other day.  We continue to appreciation CCSD’s dedication to our lake community.

 R C Dixon
 Chair of ILPOA CARE