July Security Update

July Roads & Maintenance Update
July 27, 2020
July Update: Lake, Dam & Spillway Report
July 27, 2020
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July Security Update

The Security Incidents report from June was provided by Koren McGinnis (Security Chair). If you have any questions you can email Koren at bod.kmcginnis@ilpoa.org.

6/2         Roving patrol received a call about a suspicious person sitting at the community hall, when questioned found out they were not even members and were asked to leave

6/3         A road rage incident ended at the entrance, CCSD was involved

6/6         Roving patrol found a boat with no sticker, the member said the office isn’t open and because of covid they should get a break.  They went ahead put their boat in. 

6/6         Roving patrol found another boat with no sticker, claimed they ordered it but never received it.  Boat stickers are not to be mailed, only picked up from the office.  They went ahead and put on the water.

6/6         Received a phone call of a red ATV driving too fast, found ATV, and talked to the owners.

6/8         Roving patrol stopped a boating coming out of cove 1 with no boat stickers

6/10       Received a call at 2:46AM of someone hitting the exit arm.

6/13       Received a call from a member on Sequoya that their confederate flag was stolen and hate mail left in his mailbox, he was instructed to call CCSD.

6/14       Received a phone call about people fishing off the island.

6/15       Received a phone call from a member saying there was property damage to his boat, they were instructed to call CCSD.

6/18       Roving patrol found nonmembers driving around looking for a place to swim, asked them to leave.  They found a code off Facebook to let them in the gate.

6/19       Exit gate arm was staying up and not closing, per roving patrol.

6/20       Roving patrol found a boat in cove 9 putting in with no stickers, they claim it was new and the office was not open. 

6/25       Had a member call roving patrol wanting them to pick up their dog.

6/27       Roving patrol was called to help members with the exit gate, no one will pull up far enough to activate the arm. 

6/27       Roving patrol helped with traffic at the down power line on the entrance road.