Patton Family

My husband’s parents Frank and Ruby Patton built a small cabin in 1965 at 711 Squaw Dr in Cove 1. While only 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom with no A/C, heat or TV, many family members and friends spent wonderful summer weekends enjoying the water, great meals and fun card or board games at night.
Dave and I met in late 1969 and spent our courtship summer of 1970 at the lake as much as possible. Married in November of 1970 we continued to enjoy time spent on this wonderful lake swimming, skiing and just having a good time. Once we started our family we brought our sons Greg and Jeff here as often as possible. They spent many terrific summers making memories learning how to ski, fish or just explore.
Following Frank’s death in 1987 we began to entertain many of our friends as did Dave’s brothers Steve and Bruce, continuing the tradition their parents had begun 20 years before. In 1997, with Ruby no longer able to enjoy the lake life, the decision was made to sell the cabin. Our children were devastated by this news. After much talk we decided to buy the cabin and made it a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home complete with heat and A/C. Now that it was ours alone and a year around destination we spent as much time as we could manage enjoying our little piece of Paradise while entertaining friends and family often. A kitchen remodel in 2008 made it complete. With our children now married and beginning their families we began to quickly outgrow the cabin.
In 2011 599 Lakeside Dr came on the market, a property we had long coveted. Once it became ours we made the decision to retire here and have never looked back. We moved in late February of 2012 after selling 711 Squaw to the lovely Henderson Family who appear to be enjoying it as much as we had. In July of 2014 we officially made Cuba our retirement destination and continue to entertain family and friends while making new friends here at the lake. We have done a lot to improve “Patton’s Point” and continue to do so never losing sight of how this all began nearly 50 years ago. Thank you Frank and Ruby for finding this little slice of Paradise and sharing it with us.

Linda Patton

Indian Hills - Founding History

  • 1926

    American Realty Service Corp. of Nashville, Tenn. Purchased five contiguous farms, merged them together, surveyed them into lots and incorporated Indian Hills.
  • 1962

    Work Begins on dam
  • 1963

    35 Houses were built and people began moving to the subdivision even though there was nothing but a dry creek bed.
  • March 1964

    Water begins to run over the spillway and the lake beings to fill
  • Dec. 12, 1964

    The first board of Directors was elected.
  • Jan. 27, 1965

    The Developers of American Realty release the subdivision to the Board of Directors.
  • 1965

    The first chip and seal road was put down at a cost of $26,000. The phone company laid a phone cable underwater from Lakeside Dr. to Lakeshore Dr.
  • 1966

    The Ladies Garden Club purchased the first shrubbery at the entrance and on Lakeshore Dr. from the gas station to the marina. The office building was erected at the entrance. The first office was a small room located in the recreation building.
  • 1970

    A heavy rainstorm washed out the culver on the road at Cove 7, stopping all traffic in that direction. Spillway was rushing massive amounts of water cutting off all roads to the far side of the lake. Residents of the far side of the lake were only accessible by boat.
  • 1973

    Indian Hills Association purchases the recreation building from Ray Kuenz of Cuba
  • 1975

    A softball field is constructed.
  • Jan. 30, 1976

    A security force was put on the payroll, a two-way radio was installed and uniforms were purchased for the guards.
  • 1977

    107 building permits were issued including 26 new houses, 15 room additions and 10 garages. A new truck was purchased by the association, a new patrol boat, a guard building and one mile of road was resurfaced.
  • 1978

    Lake office building was designated as the official government polling place for Indian Hills residents and applicable townships.
  • 1979

    Street Addresses were issued for every lot, doing away with the box numbers. This was done at the request of the post office, ambulance, an fire department.
  • 1979

    Cable TV was authorized.
  • 1980

    White Amui, a Chinese fish which eats only grass, not other ifsh, were stocked in the lake so that chemicals would no longer be needed to control vegetation growth.
  • 1982

    A tornado struck causing extensive damage to the recreation building, marina, and gas station.
  • 1984

    The entrance security gate was put into operation. Key cards were needed for entrance.
  • August 30, 1985

    Construction of new additional spillway was completed. This was done to comply with new state regulations for all dams.
  • Oct. 1985

    The largest known fish caught in the lake was a 45-pound catfish caught by Gottfried Hoehne. On July 2, 1986,George Licklider caught a 40-pound catfish.