Smoke Signals – News

April 2, 2022

Fish Stocking at Indian Lake

Great News for ILPOA Members We will be stocking the lake this Monday, April 4, and likely next Thursday or Friday as well. Our Rules and Regulations state; “No Fishing Restriction – Section 3 G. The lake shall be closed to fishing on the day (or days) that the lake […]
March 31, 2022

ILPOA Security Focus

ILPOA Security, both land and water, responsibilities involve enforcing member approved Rules and Regulations. We have worked diligently to partner with Crawford County Sheriff’s Department (CCSD) to increase visibility through the CCSD Substation and Community Drive-throughs and support the Neighborhood Watch relaunch. In addition, through this partnership with CCSD, we […]
March 29, 2022


IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING MEMBERS WHO HAVE NOT PAID THEIR DUES Any member who has not paid their annual dues is now no longer a member in good standing.  In addition, as of 4/1/22, any unpaid dues will be assessed the past due charge (2% per month on unpaid balance).  As […]
March 21, 2022

Update from RC Dixon, ILPOA President

Roads: #1 Objective in 2022 Now that we have won the lawsuit, it is time to work in earnest as a board to move the community forward. Our priority must be to take actions to address the roads. As President, I want to make sure that the board is 100% […]
March 21, 2022

ILPOA Communication Committee

The ILPOA is determined to insure that all Indian Hills Subdivision members have the opportunity to be informed about issues and events impacting our community. Our focus will be board communication to members, board committee communication to members and ILPOA Clubs to members. Our goal is to utilize all regular […]
February 18, 2022

ILPOA Communication Committee

The ILPOA Communication Committee’s mission is to insure all ILPOA members have the opportunity to be informed about issues and events impacting our community. Our focus will be board or committee communication to ILPOA members and our goal is to use all regular channels of communication ( email or text, […]
February 14, 2022

Understanding ILPOA Rules & Regulations

Animal Control Our Indian Lake Property Owner Association Animal Control Rules are very straight forward.  Quoting Section 11-A-1: “No member owning or harboring a dog or cat within Indian Hills Subdivision will allow such animal to run at large.  For the purpose of this rule, the term “at large” is […]
February 8, 2022

We Won!

Today is an important date for ILPOA.  The Missouri Supreme Court denied Dale Brunts and Diana Wideman’s request to have the lawsuit against ILPOA transferred.  After over 3 years, over $43,000 in legal fees, and countless hours preparing and responding to requests from attorneys we are now in control of […]