ILPOA Communication Committee

ILPOA Security Committee
August 23, 2022
ILPOA Board Meeting Minutes
August 25, 2022
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ILPOA Communication Committee

The following are the minutes from Communication Committee meeting


  1. Don Kalista
  2. Barry Alick
  3. Tom Stelzer
  4. Marilyn Sanders

Items Discussed:

  1. Meeting Minutes from Last Meeting Approved
  2. Map Update
    • Reviewed Cost to Produce
    • Marilyn’s Next Update at September Meeting
    • Will Get Road Mileage Data from Office
    • Would Like Gradient Water Color to Indicate Depths
      • Suggested Getting with Lake Restoration Committee
  3. Website Discussion
    • Continuity of Naming Used for Community
      • Use Indian Hills or
      • Indian Lake Property Owners Association (ILPOA)
    • Tom Stelzer to Suggest Tab Names and Hierarchy
    • Tom Stelzer to Provide List of Updates Need to Address Old Information
    • Don Kalista to Contact Justen Beasley to Get Pre-Production Link with Changes Made
  4. Tom Stelzer Question Regarding Parking in Cove 1
    • Need to look at the No Parking signage needed to allow enough room to launch boats.  Difficult to park because of parked trailers.