Booster Club Update

Our September meeting on Saturday was unbelievable.  If you ever need a lift, just join this positive, happy, determined, FUN group of people!!  Our meetings are every third Saturday of the month, 9 am at the Community Center.  Here is what we got coming up in the future, mark your calendars!

Saturday, November 23, 3 pm we will be sponsoring a Thanksgiving meal at the Community Center.  The Booster Club will provide the main course, tea and water.   If you can, members to bring a side dish/dessert to share with the group. Please tell your neighbors that may not have communication.   More details to come!

Boy, are we excited about this!!  Indian Hills holiday light/decoration contest on December 14.   There has always been kind of a small rivalry throughout the neighborhood, let’s make it official!   Many ways to join in the fun.  Decorate your house and vie for bragging rights for different categories.  Be a viewer/voter, leave from Community Center for a drive around to see the houses.  Come back to the Community Center with your votes and enjoy the party.  Refreshments, pictures with Santa (pooches too!), music, etc.  Some donated decorations will be available for those who’d like to participate and don’t have the “stuff.”  We will have a box in the Marina for donations for small gifts, etc for stocking stuffers for the kids.   Some other surprises for the kids are being looked at, too! Mary Barbara Fitzgerald is leading this event, get with her at if you’d like to participate in the planning.  But be sure to get that date down!

Golf Tournament
2020 is going to bring another new, exciting event.  The first annual Indian Hills Golf Tournament.  We are beginning the plans for a tourney at Cuba Lakes, followed by a dinner/silent auction/entertainment for participants as well as for the non-golfers!  Co-chairs Tom McClard and Mary Beth Huffman are looking for volunteers to help, please let us know if you would be willing to serve on the committee.  (Eberle boys, FYI, this does NOT relieve your responsibilities for the Family Days Cuba Cup on the ball field -lol!)

Family Days
Then our growing, ever-popular Family Days!  Set on Fathers Day weekend this is June 20th in 2020.  Already talking about festivities – some new ideas to be sprinkled in with the old.  

As you can see, we have some exciting events coming up designed to bring the community together on a regular basis.   Please plan on supporting us in these activities.  And if you can volunteer for anything, please do.  Phone/email below.  You will find it to be a very rewarding experience!

We discussed how we are all so excited for all the work going on at the main entrance!  We will be looking at contributing to that effort in some way-maybe some landscaping when the construction is complete.  That’s what we do – have fun raising the money and then deciding as a group where those funds are used!  Join us!

Mary Beth Huffman
President – Booster Club


August Treasurer’s Update

As we close out the 3rd quarter of the year, we have spent 66% of the operating budget, putting us on a good path for the year.  We are also still ahead of estimates on revenue collected, due to lower uncollectable accounts.

Scott Rockafellow, ILPOA Treasurer (

Water Testing Update – Fall 2019

Recent events at lakes around the country and in Missouri have created a lot of questions and concerns about lake water safety. A small number of members recently raised questions via social media, regarding our testing methods and communication. No members reached out personally with any questions, however, since this is an important matter, we wanted ensure everyone had accurate information on water testing procedures. 

As our by-law Article V, Section 14 reads:  “The BOD shall be responsible for having the lake water tested at least two (2) times yearly” is vague and nondescript, the Board has found it necessary to formulate a policy that further addresses water testing, given the recent media reports and public concerns:

  • Increased number of locations around the lake will be tested, and tests will be performed around the beach throughout the summer
  • Frequency of testing
    • The first test will occur the week before Memorial Day. 
      • This test will include seven (7) locations around the lake as well as three (3) locations within the roped off swim area at the beach. (See the lake map with the 7 lake locations in BLUE and 3 beach areas to be tested in RED.)
    • The second test will occur in late June
      • This test will only be done at the 3 locations at the beach
    • The third test will occur during the week before Labor Day Weekend
      • This test will include the original 7 locations and the 3 beach areas.
  • When results are received, as quickly as possible, they will be published on the ILPOA website, official social media pages, and an email will be sent to members.
  • Test results will be posted in a format similar to the sample test table below.
  • We will also communicate results at quarterly meetings.
  • Should any tests reveal results above acceptable limits, there will also be communication through signs at the beach and front gate.

Recent media reports have highlighted the dangerous blue/green algae outbreaks in other lakes. Our algae test this year, which include blue/green algae, were all within the acceptable limits.

What’s New with Dredging Efforts

Many of you remember that in 2017, BFA did a study on the lake, and provided a report on options for dredging.  The report outlined estimated costs, and potential expected results.   The estimated costs were very high, however, the expected results were very exciting.  Based on the potential results, throughout 2018, dredging companies were contacted, to see what they could do, based on the BFA report.  The feedback received from the dredging companies contacted began to raise many questions regarding the BFA study.

  • Dredging companies felt that the potential achievable depth results were overstated & unrealistic in many areas, especially in Cove 9, and south to Brush Creek.
  • The BFA study utilized echo sounding equipment (Sonar) to determine lake bottom make-up and hardpan depth.  This provided an inconsistent view of the location of the hardpan.
  • Assumptions were made regarding the lake bottom soil make-up, as no actual core samples of soil were taken and analyzed.
  • These assumptions were used to report potential minimum lake depths of 5-7’, which is what the dredging companies began to question.

In April, a new dredging committee was formed, made up of several members that had a strong desire to find a way to make progress and address issues with the lake.   Although they started with the end goal of finding a solution to dredging, they quickly began asking questions about broader topics, and the overall health & sustainability of the lake (water clarity, water quality, and animal health)

So, Where Are We Now, and What’s Next?

The group is ready to start discussions with the community on findings & recommendations. 

  • A recommendation has been made utilizing a process called Bio-Dredging, which they strongly believe could be a solution to solving some of the broader issues mentioned above. 
  • Attached (see below), is a summary that gives high level information on their findings.  Much more detailed information is available, and will be shared
  • In the coming weeks, you will see invites to conference calls, and/or in person sessions to more information, and have the chance to ask questions on the following …
    • Why do they have more faith in the updated findings regarding achievable depths and the actual hardpan?
    • What Bio Dredging can and cannot do? (it will not get the desired depths in Cove 9 that are wanted, but other options are still being explored for targeted areas)?
    • Where has it been used and what results were achieved?
    • What benefits are achievable with Bio Dredging?
    • What is the anticipated costs vs traditional mechanical dredging?
    • How could this possibly be funded?

The Lake Restoration Committee is planning to hold multiple meetings to provide and opportunity for member questions, comments and constructive feedback.  They are in the process of creating an e-mail address to collect as much constructive input as possible. will be created soon to allow feedback.


This past week, interrogatories and documents were due from All-Type Fence.  They did not comply with the court orders.  We will be working with our attorney to determine next steps.

The next court date is not set at this time.  If you would like to follow this case online (, and enter case number 18CF-CC00071.

Chris Pinaire, ILPOA Legal Chair

Dam Road Open & It is Lookin’ Good!

Tonight (Thursday evening by 9 p.m., September 19th) the Dam Road is back open and ready for normal traffic. John Richmond is coordinating to make sure the School District Transportation Department and Emergency Services are notified that the road is open again.

I want to thank John Richmond (ILPOA Board, Roads & Maintenance Chair) for his leadership and Jim/Kevin from our Maintenance Department for doing the final work today. I also want to thank N B West, our contractor, for finishing the work quickly and more importantly doing quality work!

If you are at the lake I suggest you check out the new road. As a community, if we think BIG, can you imagine what we could do throughout the community if we could come together and vote/fund new roads!

“We are Working for You” and excited to see things moving forward!

ILPOA Annual Meeting

Our 2019 Annual Meeting will be on October 12th at 1 p.m. and will be located at the Community Center.

This will be your opportunity to meet and ask questions of the members running for the 2020 ILPOA Board.

Please mark your calendar and make it a priority to attend!

We’re Working For You!

We have been communicating recently on two improvement projects for the community: Entrance Road and Dam Road Replacement. We wanted to provide you with some pictures of these projects so you can see what is happening. It is exciting to see projects happening in our community but we are not finished so keep checking back on our website for additional details.

Entrance Road Project (Lead by Pat Leahy, ILPOA Board)

Picture on Left depicts new turnaround lane in the event the member can’t be reached for entry. This will allow them to exit and return to the guest lane while giving the next guest in line a chance to use the Guest Directory.

Picture on the right shows the the parking area behind the office. This will allow for better parking for our members.

Dam Road Project (Led by John Richmond, ILPOA Board)

The Dam Road has a new road base and asphalt which should serve our community for years to come. Hard to image that all this is scheduled to be completed and ready by Friday morning..

Protecting our dam with the new road!

Dam Road Will Be Closed Monday (16th) – Tuesday (17th)

N. B. West will be replacing the dam road beginning Monday, September 16th and anticipate completion of the project by end of day Tuesday, September 17th (weather permitting).

As a result the dam road will be closed to all traffic while the road work is in progress. The ILPOA Office has contacted Cuba School District Transportation Department and CENCOM (Emergency Services) so they are aware of road closing. ILPOA Maintenance Department will have the appropriate signage to warn our members, guests and vendors of the closing

Love to See Progress in our Community! Thanks for your patience.

ILPOA Board.

Entrance Road Update (9/10/19)

Attention Members

As you can see when you enter the community the work has started on our entrance road.  We want to urge our members, guests and vendors to slow down when you approach the work area and be careful for not only yourself but also the safety of our workers.

As this project unfolds, we are finding that space is tight where the work is going on and we are proceeding into the second part of the process to remove the guest lane which will require everyone to use the member lane.  You will also notice the entrance gate arms will be in the “open” position to help with traffic flow for members, guests, vendors, etc.

We will continue to update our members as we move through the construction process. We encourage you, if you have any questions, to send them to rather than using social media to seek out answers to your questions. For additional details regarding phase II of this project you can click on this link for more details:

Finally we hope you will join us in thanking Pat Leahy (ILPOA Board Member) for his leadership on this project and the daily/weekly coordination with our contractor.

The ILPOA Board