Dam Road Open & It is Lookin’ Good!

ILPOA Annual Meeting
September 18, 2019
September 20, 2019
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Dam Road Open & It is Lookin’ Good!

Tonight (Thursday evening by 9 p.m., September 19th) the Dam Road is back open and ready for normal traffic. John Richmond is coordinating to make sure the School District Transportation Department and Emergency Services are notified that the road is open again.

I want to thank John Richmond (ILPOA Board, Roads & Maintenance Chair) for his leadership and Jim/Kevin from our Maintenance Department for doing the final work today. I also want to thank N B West, our contractor, for finishing the work quickly and more importantly doing quality work!

If you are at the lake I suggest you check out the new road. As a community, if we think BIG, can you imagine what we could do throughout the community if we could come together and vote/fund new roads!

“We are Working for You” and excited to see things moving forward!