Water Testing Update – Fall 2019

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September 21, 2019
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September 25, 2019
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Water Testing Update – Fall 2019

Recent events at lakes around the country and in Missouri have created a lot of questions and concerns about lake water safety. A small number of members recently raised questions via social media, regarding our testing methods and communication. No members reached out personally with any questions, however, since this is an important matter, we wanted ensure everyone had accurate information on water testing procedures. 

As our by-law Article V, Section 14 reads:  “The BOD shall be responsible for having the lake water tested at least two (2) times yearly” is vague and nondescript, the Board has found it necessary to formulate a policy that further addresses water testing, given the recent media reports and public concerns:

  • Increased number of locations around the lake will be tested, and tests will be performed around the beach throughout the summer
  • Frequency of testing
    • The first test will occur the week before Memorial Day. 
      • This test will include seven (7) locations around the lake as well as three (3) locations within the roped off swim area at the beach. (See the lake map with the 7 lake locations in BLUE and 3 beach areas to be tested in RED.)
    • The second test will occur in late June
      • This test will only be done at the 3 locations at the beach
    • The third test will occur during the week before Labor Day Weekend
      • This test will include the original 7 locations and the 3 beach areas.
  • When results are received, as quickly as possible, they will be published on the ILPOA website, official social media pages, and an email will be sent to members.
  • Test results will be posted in a format similar to the sample test table below.
  • We will also communicate results at quarterly meetings.
  • Should any tests reveal results above acceptable limits, there will also be communication through signs at the beach and front gate.

Recent media reports have highlighted the dangerous blue/green algae outbreaks in other lakes. Our algae test this year, which include blue/green algae, were all within the acceptable limits.