We’re Working For You!

Dam Road Will Be Closed Monday (16th) – Tuesday (17th)
September 13, 2019
ILPOA Annual Meeting
September 18, 2019
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We’re Working For You!

We have been communicating recently on two improvement projects for the community: Entrance Road and Dam Road Replacement. We wanted to provide you with some pictures of these projects so you can see what is happening. It is exciting to see projects happening in our community but we are not finished so keep checking back on our website for additional details.

Entrance Road Project (Lead by Pat Leahy, ILPOA Board)

Picture on Left depicts new turnaround lane in the event the member can’t be reached for entry. This will allow them to exit and return to the guest lane while giving the next guest in line a chance to use the Guest Directory.

Picture on the right shows the the parking area behind the office. This will allow for better parking for our members.

Dam Road Project (Led by John Richmond, ILPOA Board)

The Dam Road has a new road base and asphalt which should serve our community for years to come. Hard to image that all this is scheduled to be completed and ready by Friday morning..

Protecting our dam with the new road!