Booster Club Coronavirus Update

know that the last few months have been difficult for most everyone in many different ways and challenges.  We have not had a Booster Club Meeting since February.  I have been listening to all the health updates and concerns for all of us to start coming out of such strict quarantine protocols.  Although some protocols are being lifted, I feel because of the age of the majority of our members it is better to error on the side of caution.  Therefore, I am canceling May and June booster club meetings and the Family Reunion fundraiser in June. 

I will continue to stay updated on all communications regarding this pandemic and make any changes that I feel are appropriate to keep everyone healthy and safe.  As I sit here writing, I am in the hopes that our Family Reunion fundraiser can still be scheduled into this years’ summer fun.  Everyone has still been working hard on this event and I know that it would be a fun way to end this quarantine and catch up with friends and families.

In closing, I would like to give you an update regarding our Booster Club Membership Drive, which is the biggest fundraiser for the Booster Club.  We are doing well and almost in line with last year’s goals.  That being said I would like to remind anyone still wishing to commit to doing so soon.  As you know we support a lot of projects around the community that the association budget cannot manage each year.  Please understand that I do not wish to impose any hardships on anyone with this reminder.  The last few months and those to follow have and will continue to be very different than we all expected to move into 2020.  I am just asking as a friendly reminder.  In order to help with the expected lower fundraising dollars, it has been decided not to purchase gifts for the different levels of donations this year.  This decision will be revisited next year before membership letters go out. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this update, please do not hesitate to connect me.  My prayer for you and your families is that you continue to be safe and healthy through 2020.  Please be diligent with keeping yourselves healthy as we move into the next stage, ‘RECOVERY’ from this pandemic.

Love the Lake

Bev Campbell

Booster Club President

ILPOA Club Meetings & Events

Because of the continued guidance regarding Stay at Home and Social Distancing all ILPOA Club Meetings and Events will be cancelled for May. We will provide any updates we receive for June when we received from club leadership.

In the meantime stay safe and follow COVID-19 guidelines so that we can soon enjoy one another’s company.

Booster Club News

Look for updates here regarding the benefits of joining the $500 Donor Club!

Interested in becoming a Booster Club member, email us at

Beverly Campbell, President Booster Club

Booster Club 2019 Recap


2019 started out on a very sad note for the Booster Club as we lost our beloved leader, Larry Eberle.  But the members of the club rallied together and we made a conscious decision to honor dear Larry by making it the best year ever – and we came through in a big way!!  

Our spring membership drive was wildly successful, we took in over $26,000.  Contributors to the membership drive receive the coveted “Love the Lake-Moving Forward” tee shirt – this year in gray.  It is amazing to see how many of those shirts are around-both the previous years in red, blue and now gray!

Dale and Kathy Bailey and team have taken hold of our winter Buncos.  It is always a fun time – and often comes during a good time to get out of the house!  They are planning another one for this winter, keep an eye out for the date and join us.  

We partnered with The Lakeshore Marina and the DuBois/Brakefield/McGuirk family for an outdoor concert in the spring.  Gavin M played for an excited crowd on a great evening.  A perfect example of a family getting together, planning and executing an event for the good of the community!  Hope to do something similar again in 2020.  

Our Annual Family Reunion exceeded all expectations.  We tried a few new things that ended up being great ideas.  One was an “on-line” auction.  Many members joined in the fun to bid on some unbelievable items donated by our members.  In addition, the Ladies Auxiliary donated and worked an Ice Cream Social on Friday evening to kick off the Reunion.  Members came to the Community Center and enjoyed ice cream while checking out the silent auction items.  We had fire truck rides and a pumper, water races and games for the kids to experience.  We also experimented by taking credit card payments for the auction, something that worked out very well.  We ended up grossing over $10,800 for the Family Reunion!   It was so well attended, there was hardly room in the Community Center at times – even with the Blues Parade going on!

Among other things during the year, we finished up 2019 with two very successful events.  The Thanksgiving Dinner and Holiday Light Contest were AMAZING!!  Both free events aimed toward bringing our community together and both filled the Community Center with members.   The potluck Thanksgiving dinner brought out the unbelievable cooking skills of so many of our members!!  And the Christmas Holiday Lighting Contest brought out more holiday spirit than we’ve seen in Indian Hills.  We’ve heard loud and clear that folks want to see both of those events back next year!  

The premise of The Booster Club is that we work hard and have fun at the fundraisers, then the Booster Club Members discuss and decide how that money is spent in the community.  This has been the most successful year we’ve experienced by far and as Ed Hitzeman likes to remind us:  we have raised more than over 10% of what the Association  takes in!  Below is the list of items that was voted on and paid for by the Booster Club in 2019:

New Street Signs, Stocking the Lake, New Tires for Maintenance Vehicles, Installation of a Water Softener at the Community Center, Upgrade of the Electronic Sign, New Backpack Blower and Weed Eater, Speed Signs/Barricades, Water Patrol Boat Refitting, New Brush Hog, Mobile Radios, Security Cameras, Snow Plow, Thanksgiving Event Expenses, Christmas Event Expenses, Landscaping at Front Gate, Repair Corporate Seal Embossers.  

Please consider joining The Booster Club.  Our meetings take place on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 9:00 am at the Community Center.  We have some exciting things coming up in 2020, including the First Indian Hills Golf Tournament.  THANK YOU to all members who support the Club, whether it be in person or financially!

Personally, I was honored in early spring when the Officers of this club contacted me to become the President of this wonderful organization.  I thoroughly enjoyed leading this incredible group of Booster Club Members who are committed to making our community better.  We enjoy every moment of planning and executing our events with our fellow members and it proves what Indian Hills is all about.  As I transfer over to President of the Association, Beverly Campbell has stepped up to become President of the Booster Club.  I am confident that 2020 will surpass the incredible 2019 that we just completed!

Mary Beth Huffman

Booster Club Thanksgiving Event (November 2019)

The Booster Club’s Thanksgiving Event was a tremendous success! With over 120 folks, the Community Hall was overflowing with neighbors, food and LOVE! Thank you to every person and family that participated. Special thanks to Bev and Gary Campbell, Nancy Windorf, Dave Kraft and Carla Addison for setting up the hall. The buffet line was incredible – absolutely scrumptious dishes from all! Bev had a wonderful table full of attendance prizes. But best of all was visiting (and meeting new) neighbors! We all are very thankful for our neighbors and friends at Indian Hills. We heard from many, many folks that this needs to become an ANNUAL event. We learned a few things to improve on next year (access buffet line on BOTH sides, etc) – would love to hear any comments below.

Thanks to ALL!!!
Mary Beth, President-Booster Club

Booster Club Update (11/21/19)

Happy Thanksgiving!  We are hosting the Thanksgiving Celebration on Saturday at 3:00 at the Community Center.  Please join us and please make sure that your neighbors are aware of the event.  Booster Club will be providing turkey, water, iced tea.  Bring a dish to share with the community if you can-but not necessary.  Some attendance prizes.  What a great way to connect and celebrate with our neighbors-hope to see you there, it is sure to be quite a FEAST! 

Following right behind is the Holiday Light Contest.  On Saturday, December 14, we will meet at the Community Center at 6:30 and view the community decorations from 7-8.  Return to the Community Center for Holiday Cheer, a visit with Santa, and awards at 8:30.  There are four categories:  Most Traditional, Best Griswold (whimsical), Best Blow Ups and Best Doorway.  Please RSVP to of how many children you will have as Santa will have a very special treat for the kids.  Also, if you will decorate, please email to by December 12 with your address so that we can get your house on the ballot (not required to be present that evening).  There are some donated decorations at the Marina if you would like to use them.

We have had a very generous offer from some very smart gals and guys to help our members install and use social media.  If you bring your laptops, phones, tablets to the January 18 meeting at Community Center at 9:00 am they will sit with you and help you with the Indian Hills Next Door or Facebook pages!  Please take advantage of this opportunity.

The golf committee has chosen a date for the FIRST ANNUAL INDIAN HILLS golf tourney!  Save the date for September 19 at Cuba Lakes Golf and Country Club.   Please contact me if you’d like to be a part of the planning committee.  There will be a full, fun day of golf and an evening dinner/auction/entertainment to include the non-golfers as well! 

Please join us for the Booster Club meetings.  This is a WONDERFUL group of folks who work hard and play hard to make this community better.  The meetings are on the third Saturday of each month at 9:00 at the Community Center, although December will be an exception:  December 14 at 9:00.  We are already talking about 2020 activities, exciting stuff.  If you would like to be put on the email list for the Booster Club, please let me know.

Mary Beth Huffman

President – Indian Hills Booster Club

314 713 2172

Booster Club Update

Our September meeting on Saturday was unbelievable.  If you ever need a lift, just join this positive, happy, determined, FUN group of people!!  Our meetings are every third Saturday of the month, 9 am at the Community Center.  Here is what we got coming up in the future, mark your calendars!

Saturday, November 23, 3 pm we will be sponsoring a Thanksgiving meal at the Community Center.  The Booster Club will provide the main course, tea and water.   If you can, members to bring a side dish/dessert to share with the group. Please tell your neighbors that may not have communication.   More details to come!

Boy, are we excited about this!!  Indian Hills holiday light/decoration contest on December 14.   There has always been kind of a small rivalry throughout the neighborhood, let’s make it official!   Many ways to join in the fun.  Decorate your house and vie for bragging rights for different categories.  Be a viewer/voter, leave from Community Center for a drive around to see the houses.  Come back to the Community Center with your votes and enjoy the party.  Refreshments, pictures with Santa (pooches too!), music, etc.  Some donated decorations will be available for those who’d like to participate and don’t have the “stuff.”  We will have a box in the Marina for donations for small gifts, etc for stocking stuffers for the kids.   Some other surprises for the kids are being looked at, too! Mary Barbara Fitzgerald is leading this event, get with her at if you’d like to participate in the planning.  But be sure to get that date down!

Golf Tournament
2020 is going to bring another new, exciting event.  The first annual Indian Hills Golf Tournament.  We are beginning the plans for a tourney at Cuba Lakes, followed by a dinner/silent auction/entertainment for participants as well as for the non-golfers!  Co-chairs Tom McClard and Mary Beth Huffman are looking for volunteers to help, please let us know if you would be willing to serve on the committee.  (Eberle boys, FYI, this does NOT relieve your responsibilities for the Family Days Cuba Cup on the ball field -lol!)

Family Days
Then our growing, ever-popular Family Days!  Set on Fathers Day weekend this is June 20th in 2020.  Already talking about festivities – some new ideas to be sprinkled in with the old.  

As you can see, we have some exciting events coming up designed to bring the community together on a regular basis.   Please plan on supporting us in these activities.  And if you can volunteer for anything, please do.  Phone/email below.  You will find it to be a very rewarding experience!

We discussed how we are all so excited for all the work going on at the main entrance!  We will be looking at contributing to that effort in some way-maybe some landscaping when the construction is complete.  That’s what we do – have fun raising the money and then deciding as a group where those funds are used!  Join us!

Mary Beth Huffman
President – Booster Club


Booster Club Update – 08/04/19

2019 has been a very successful year for the Booster Club thus far.  Here is an update of what has been going on:


Our annual member drive is sent out at the beginning of each year.  This year we have received $25,360, which has surpassed our 2018 goal by 20%.  And there are additional donations still being received!   Each $100 donation earned a  “LOVE THE LAKE ….MOVING FORWARD” tee shirt, 2019 colored gray.  We have emailed donors, yet there are still some who have not claimed their shirts-please contact me at to make arrangements to get the membership shirts you ordered.  We ordered extra shirts to sell at Family Reunion, they went very quickly, although there are some 2XL sizes left for sale at the Marina.  We thank all those who donate each year and our new donators.  It is a fine way to help the Association bridge the gap between what is needed/wanted and what our dues pay for.  Any donations can be sent to Indian Hills Booster Club, 17 Indian Hills Drive, Cuba, MO. 65453, with Booster Club on the front of the envelope.


We started the year with our popular Bunco night.  Just a fun evening, neighbors getting out and getting together during the winter.  Music at the Marina – May 31 was a great success.  The DuBois’, Brakefields, McGuirks, Walkers and Rohal’s got together and planned/executed a free event focused on bringing the community together.  The music was Gavin M – and all enjoyed a beautiful night.  Family Reunion, June 15th was an incredible success and will be summarized below.  We have been brainstorming about future events.  If you have some ideas of what you would like to see, please contact me or attend a Booster Club Meeting.


A very visible project sponsored by the Booster Club has been the electronic sign at the Community Center.  In the spring, with member Kevin Newbern’s help, we upgraded the software on the sign.  We paid for this upgrade by selling advertisements to local vendors.  The right side of the sign is vendor’s advertisements, the left side is the current IH news/announcements and member’s ads.  Please make sure you slow down, read the sign and support these Premier sponsors so that we can encourage future ads.  The Premier sponsors are also listed on ILPOA’s new website.  We also allow Members to rent space on the sign.  You can wish your friends and family a Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Welcome, etc.! The fee for this is $25 for a simple ad for three days.  The software is limited, so any additional work needed for a slide could cost up to $45/three days.  Call me at 314 713 2172 or email me at if you wish to rent an ad.  A special thanks to Mike Schaefer who has become our sign guru. 


The 2019 Family Reunion outshined all of our expectations.  The members of the Booster Club really went all out and worked tirelessly to make this a very successful event!  We tried some new things, an on-line auction, lunch with the Eberle’s, taking credit cards, a bakery, etc. along with the tried and true Hitzeman lunch, silent auction, golf, malts, etc.-it was all fantastic!  We had outside vendors approach us wanting to participate.  The Ladies Aux started us out the night before with an incredible Ice Cream Social that set the family tone for the rest of the Reunion.  The Rt 66 Parrot Head Club brought musician Dave Bennett and a tiki bar for the afternoon.  Sheriff Layman was there along side the Neighborhood Watch booth to talk with our members.  The kids activities included games, water races and a fire truck and pumper.  The Eberle boys did their golf tournament.  150 people bought the Limited 2019 Love the Lake Commemorative Sunglasses.  The center of the activity was the Auction.  Our members bid on various donated baskets, tickets, bikes, quilts, games etc.  Special thanks to Laurie Kraft who led the auction and made it an unbelievable success!  What a great way to bring this community together.  There were times that it was difficult to walk around in the Community Center as it was so well attended, even during the Blues parade, which was playing on the tv!  Thank you to every Booster Club Member who worked so hard, thank you to every person that donated to the auction, and thank you to every IH member that attended and supported the Family Reunion.  We took in $10,865.70 for the event, and after expenses – we netted $8,262.18!! 


So we work hard to bring in money, where does the money go?  Here is a list of approved projects thus far in 2019:

*New bigger, brighter Street Signs to replace the old, faded street signs. 

  • Stocking the lake with fish
  • New Tires for Maintenance Vehicles
  • Installation of a New Water Softener at the Community Center
  • New Backpack Blower And Weed Eater
  • Speed Signs/Barricades
  • $1500 towards outfitting the Water Patrol Boat
  • Phase II of Street Sign Replacement
  • Two Way Radios for Association
  • Brush Hog attachment

The members of the Booster Club meet monthly to discuss and vote on how we will allocate the money.

There has been an incredible amount of donations since the inception of the Booster Club.  Between the years of 2005 though 2016, approximately $60k was donated for too many items to list.  Some donations in recent years include the security cameras at the front entrance, a copy machine at the office, Corporate Embosser, etc.

Future projects being discussed:

  • Landscaping/upgrades to the gate after hardscaping complete, upgrade to cameras – other security cameras in additional areas.

So there are great things going on at the Booster Club.  We are currently taking in 10% of the total income of Indian Hills.  Please consider joining us.  We work hard, but have a lot of FUN doing it!  We meet every third Saturday of the month at 9 am at the Community Center. 

Mary Beth Huffman

President Indian Hills Booster Club