Calling All Photographers

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April 9, 2021
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April 15, 2021
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Calling All Photographers

What are YOUR favorite photos of our lake community?  Your grandchild’s first fish? That time your family member learned to ski? The eagle catching a fish right in front of you or just sitting majestically in its’ nest? That first tennis match you won against your sibling? Watching the fireworks from your boat? That perfect sunrise or sunset?

Your Booster Club is in need of help acquiring pictures of our community. We want to share your favorites and we will compile them into a memory book to be used for a small fundraising effort.

Please include the identity of the photographer so we can give credit and perhaps even share the details of why it is your favorite. As mentioned above, these pictures will be part of small fundraising project so by sending them to use, we assume you are granting us permission to use them.

Please send your pictures by Thursday 4/29 to