Long Term Planning Update – January 2023

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January 11, 2023
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January 22, 2023
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Long Term Planning Update – January 2023

Long Term Planning Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2023

Attendees:  Barry Alick, Tom Orelup, Dave May, Susan Garrow

  • Meeting Began at 7:01 PM.  All committee members in attendance.
  • Top 3 Items (member concerns) from 2021 Survey covered
    • Roads
    • Water quality
    • Security
  • Brief discussion of the 3 above listed covered.  Each one is now being addressed by separate, dedicated committee. Will ask Bob Dixon to provide a brief update on security for the next meeting.
  • Tom provided an update on the progress of the Roads committee that Joe Mischik chairs.  Significant progress has been made to date, with several sub-committees.
  • Encouraged group to visit Peaceful Valley community in Owensville.  It’s a 175 Acre lake community (about half the size of ours), with excellent roads and relatively no nuisance properties.
  • Discussion on what projects the LTP should prioritize (projects needing future funding)
    • Maintenance & Vehicles (estimated expense in the next 1- 3 years is approx. $170K).  Much of our community’s equipment and vehicles (need new truck & tractor) are in serious need of replacement/repair.
    • Front entrance (Signage)
    • Attempt to change the BUR (increase in member annual dues). Given the strong potential for forthcoming Roads Assessment, though is this may want to be delayed.
    • Refurbishing Office
    • Star Dock improvements
  • Thoughts are we need a cohesive approach to fundraising efforts in the community (Men’s Club, Ladies Club, Booster club).  While each group does a tremendous job in raising needed funds, the thought is the monies collected could be better spent/allocated with a unified effort.
  • Suggestion to bring the 3 Club Presidents into future LTP meetings was met with general agreement.  Share with these folks to future “needs” of the community that cannot be 100% covered by the low Association fees.
  • Meeting concluded at 7:45 PM.