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September 6, 2022
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September 11, 2022
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Long-Term Planning Committee

Minutes from August 24th Meeting

Attendees:  Barry Alick, Tom Orelup, Dave May, Daryl Vanderweerd

Guest Speaker:  Joe Mischik

  • Meeting Began at 7:04 PM.  Motion to approve prior meeting minutes.  Second by Tom Orelup.
  • Prior to the meeting, all participants were sent a copy of the Ditch/Culvert Study, NEW Roads Assessment document from Cochran, as well as the excellent PowerPoint Presentation developed by Susan and updated by Dave.
  • Joe briefly reviewed the detailed Culvert/Ditch study conducted earlier this year. 
    • Per BUR, Ditches and Culverts (D&C) are the responsibility of the Home/Lot owner
    • Condition of  D&C based on a professional engineer
    • D&C is critical for the long-term condition of roads
    • Association will provide an option of vendors to perform repairs, including potentially our maintenance (which will potentially need resources & equipment)
  • Excel file of all members and associated costs will hopefully be available next week
  • Dave mentioned the concern of Mailboxes (especially those in Ditches) don’t appear at first glance to be covered in the study.  Joe M will reach out to Cochran for information.
  • It was discussed and decided that given the short time frame and the critical nature of this project, that any ballot request should be postponed until sometime in 2023.  Supported by everyone.
  • Board will be reviewing both documents this Sunday.
  • Current thoughts are to begin reviewing the material, especially the D&C study and its impact on community members within the next 30 – 60 days.  Ditches & Culverts are #1 priority now.  Water Company will be involved at every step of the process.
  • Suggestion is with D&C and either option of the Cochran Road Assessment study, total project time length could take up to 7 years (contingent on a number of factors).
  • Priority #1 is to start disseminating the information to the community with FTF & Virtual meetings, as well as posting on various websites.
  • Funds needed will be through an assessment (similar to Bridge) and voted on by the community.

Follow-up Discussion on Lake Boat Restrictions:

  • Any changes will be difficult to pass (2/3 vote needed)
  • “Perhaps” look at noise level and Jet Ski Horsepower
  • Decision to table this discussion until more support is attained.

The meeting concluded at 8:05 PM.