Long Term Planning Committee Notes

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March 17, 2023
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March 21, 2023
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Long Term Planning Committee Notes

Long Term Planning Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2023

Attendees:  Barry Alick, Dave May, Susan Garrow, Debbie Dolan, Jim Burlison

  • Meeting Began at 7:00 PM. 
  • Welcomed new members to the committee (Debbie Dolan, Jim Burlison and Emily Bricker), each presidents of the Booster Clubs.
  • Briefly covered the History of the Long Term Planning committee.
  • Briefly discussed Survey LTP developed and managed from 2021.  As identified in the survey, the following 3 areas were of most concern for the Association members:
  1. Roads
    1. Lake Restoration
    1. Security

Each of these 3 concerns are being addressed by separate committees.

  • Focus then turned to the “secondary” member concerns and the inability to fund these projects through the current yearly dues process.  The projects are as follows:
  1. Maintenance & Vehicles (estimated expense in the next 1- 3 years is approx. $170K).  Much of our community’s equipment and vehicles (need new truck & tractor) are in serious need of replacement/repair.
    1. Front entrance (Signage)
    1. Stardock Improvements
    1. Upgrade Security Equipment

Other area’s to be explored are:

Association Internet System

Tennis Courts

Update Exterior of Community Center

Refurbishing Front Office

Much discussion was spent on the NEW Community Center and the tremendous job by all who were involved in this member driven project.  The center is a great example of what the community can do when working together and tapping the expertise of those within the neighborhood. Work continues on the center improvements, including a new porch outside of the facility.

  • Debbie shared the ribbon cutting for the new center will be in June (best time for fundraising) with numerous activities planned.  Debbie also shared the Family reunion will take place 6/24.
  • Work on the Outside of the Community Center is being planned including new gutters, pain, wood and potentially a new roof.
  • Jim stated that the main source of the Men’s Club fundraising efforts come from the 3 Pancake breakfasts, which is utilized to fund their other efforts.  Much of the Community Center work was completed by volunteers from the Men’s club.
  • Barry will contact Emily to update her on the group’s activities
  • Thoughts are we need a cohesive approach to fundraising efforts in the community (Men’s Club, Ladies Club, Booster club).  While each group does a tremendous job in raising needed funds, the thought is the monies collected could be better spent/allocated with a unified effort.
  • Overall, good first meeting with the Booster Club presidents and developing alignment with their activities and the needs/wants of the community.
  • Next meeting will be scheduled for Mid-April.
  • Meeting concluded at 7:40 PM.

— Barry Alick, Long Term Planning Chair