ILPOA Members Regarding 2023 Annual Meeting

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September 12, 2023
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October 16, 2023
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ILPOA Members Regarding 2023 Annual Meeting

Indian Lake Property Owners Association Members: Please join the ILPOA Board of Directors for our 2023 Annual Meeting of Members on October 14, 2023, starting at 1:00 pm in our Community Center. The Annual Meeting of Members will be in lieu of the regularly scheduled Quarterly ILPOA Member Meeting.  The Annual Meeting of Members on October 14, 2023 will be for the purpose of presenting an overview of the status of the ILPOA and for the Members to make suggestions and discuss the recommendations to the Board. All proposed Rule and Regulation and By-Law changes will be presented and discussed at the Annual Meeting of Members.  Ballots for these changes will be sent to the entire membership for approval.

Additionally, ILPOA Members will have the opportunity to meet the 9 candidates for the 5 open ILPOA 2024 Board positions.  Each of the 9 candidates in attendance will be afforded the opportunity to introduce themselves to the membership and give a short campaign speech. Members will then be given the opportunity to ask the candidates questions.

The 9 candidates for the 5 open 2024 ILPOA Board positions are (in order of which they will speak on the 14th and will be listed on the mailed ballots):

* Michael Schwartze

* James Hill

* Jonathan Howard

* Alberto Santiago

* Keith Ford

* Andrew Selkirk

* Gary Weber

* Joseph Mischik

* Gregory Rivera

Late next week, but before October 14th, we plan to post the self-written 100 word introduction of each candidate as well as answers to a questionnaire. The 100 word introduction will accompany the official ballot for 2024 Board positions while the submitted answers to the questionnaire will provide additional insights to each candidate.


R C Dixon

President, ILPOA