Response to Social Media Posts Re: Member Status and Gate Access

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July 27, 2020
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Response to Social Media Posts Re: Member Status and Gate Access

ILPOA Members

There have been comments posted on social media regarding the impact of being a Member Not In Good Standing and access to the community.  To protect the privacy of our members we do not publicly address an individual’s specific situation that may impact a member to no longer be a Member in Good Standing.  Below are the facts so all members can clearly understand what is spelled out in our governing documents and our ILPOA Gate Policy.

ILPOA SECURITY GATE ACCESS – As a member, we are required to give you 24×7 access to your property.  Each member is provided a gate access card at no charge to all members listed on the property deed.  The privilege of being able to remotely open the gate for your guests is ONLY available to Members in Good Standing.  



Members in good standing are those Members who are not suspended for violations of the Warranty Deed, By-Laws and/or Rules and Regulations and have paid all dues, fees or any other sum owed to ILPOA. Members in good standing, their families and guests shall be entitled to use various community areas, beaches and other ILPOA facilities.

If you are Not a Member in Good Standing your name and phone number will be removed from the Guest Directory System.  If you have an RFID tag and you’ve been removed from the Guest Directory it may be best to swap out your tag for a proximity card to make it easier to open the gate for guests when your drive up to the gate.  You can visit the ILPOA Office if this applies to you.

I know everyone wants to help people out but I urge everyone to not allow anyone that you have not personally invited into the community.  Once you’ve let someone into the community you become responsible for them while they are in the community.  We trace people entering the community by who they called, who remotely opened the gate for them and video.  If there is a problem we will provide gate logs and video to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department as part of their investigation.

In addition to the increase in random calls being made from the gate directory to gain entry into the community, we are also seeing an upswing in people piggybacking behind members.  If possible please stop after you pass the gate arms allowing the gate arms to close so the person piggybacking cannot enter.  We would appreciate your assistance.

 I would encourage any member to first seek out a Board Member with their question versus asking for input from our members on social media.  Your questions can be sent to the ILPOA Office via email ( and Michelle will quickly get the appropriate Board Member to address your questions.

Your ILPOA Board