ILPOA President Update (October)

Legal Update (October)
October 30, 2020
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November 16, 2020
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ILPOA President Update (October)

The information below was provided by Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA President. If you have any questions regarding Mary Beth’s update you can reach her by email at

Covid has changed the world.  The annual meeting is the first attempt at a live stream meeting and it was hugely successful.  Covid has forced us into a world that we probably should have been into years ago.  Thanks to Don Kalista and Justin Beasley for their countless hours setting this up. The Communication Committee for brainstorming and polishing the idea.  The Booster Club donated the equipment to make this happen. This will become the way of the future, where folks can watch our meetings from at home.  What a huge step forward for Indian Hills.  When I reviewed the video from the 2019 Annual Meeting compared to 2020 Annual meeting – wow, what a difference!  

One good thing that has come out of COVID, property is so hot out here!  Since the first of the year we have over 107 properties from 71 different members change hands.  There is actually a waiting list for folks on the lake, and even off-the-lake property is going fast!  This, and the movement forward from our community in the last few years, is helping all of our property values!

The 2020 Operating budget report – updated September 25 was posted to the website.    Scott sent some points to mention:
*Budgeted Income is estimated to come in a little ABOVE what was expected *budgeted expenses are estimated to be slightly BELOW budge (3-5%) *Able to fund reserves again – now have 70k in reserves *Will put 10K back into the Dam Fund from us spending to replace the dam road.

Overall, doing a good job of “keeping the lights on,” the board keeping within budget.  Have some challenges to work on – maintenance items – our equipment is failing and We spend an inordinate amount of time band-aiding it up.  And of course, Lake Restoration & Roads!  

They have been coordinating all of our member databases (and unfortunately, we have ALOT!).  We will be ready to roll out this in the next few weeks – planning for a “soft” Roll out, perhaps 50 folks at a time.  If you will remember, this System will enable us to send out our invoices from this system, act as a member directory, as well as take ACH payments (which btw, will have NO fee), and credit card payments that will charge 3%.    Again thanks to Justin Beasley, Scott Rockafellow, and Don Kalista who have voluntarily been working on this For Indian Hills.

Rules/Regulations and By-Laws
Each year the members are able to submit changes and or additions to the R&R and ByLaws.  A committee of 6 then reviews those changes to make sure they meet 3 criteria. 1) They are legal, 2) they are enforceable and 3) they do not conflict with an existing rule.  This year Jeremy Huguet led that group and they have presented to the board 13 Rules and Regulations and 3 By-Law changes that will be on the ballot.  Those were approved Friday night, October 9 in our board meeting. Too many to go thru these here or we’d be here for hours, but changes have been put on the website for your review.  The election committee will be sending out the ballots on October 21 and the election date will be November 18.

Board of Directors
First of all, want to thank the board members that are coming off the board.  It was amazing what was accomplished this year!
*Gary Campbell has been a wonderful addition to the board.  He has been the maintenance chair for the last year.  His experience and calm demeanor were two of his greatest assets.
*Jeremy Huguet has done a two-year stint on the board.  He has chaired the Rules Committee for the last two years.  Jeremy brought a lot of new ideas to the board and did a great job of communicating to folks he knew around the neighborhood.  
*John Richmond’s 3-year term is up.  John has served as the building permit chair and secretary.  John is running again and we hope for his return to the board.  Anybody who has worked with John in any capacity is very complimentary!
*And the 4th leaving the board is Dale Brunts.  

There are four positions open for the 2021 BOD.  Three (three-year terms) and One (two-year term).  The six candidates did an outstanding job of presenting themselves at the Annual Meeting.  They were professional, knowledgeable, and had a wide array of experience.  Be sure to look at the answers to the questionnaires also when deciding on these candidates.

The bridge committee attended the bid opening on Sept 24 in Cochran’s
office.  Four contractors submitted bids, Raineri And Kozeny Wagner out of St Louis, Unerstall out of Washington,  and our low bidder, Wayne Brenneke out of Jefferson City.  Brenneke was our low bidder at $350,566.50.  The committee has spent the last few weeks vetting and interviewing Mr. Brenneke.  After due diligence, the committee presented the information to the board and they approved writing a contract to Brenneke on October 9.  In addition, we will be writing a contract to Cochran for $25,432.11 for the inspection and testing of the project, things such as concrete testing, etc.  As long as the lake drains as quickly as it has been, we hope to be able to start demolition and construction on Dec 1.  The contractor has 60 working days (Not calendar days) to complete the project.  We will also begin working on the modifications needed at the spillway next week to take some of the steepness out of the road so that longer vehicles will be able to use the spillway while the bridge is down.  Stay tuned for periodic updates.

ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT ANYTHING, please send emails to the board members.