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May 24, 2021
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May 25, 2021
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ILPOA President Update

With deep regret, I announce the resignation of Mary Beth Huffman from the Indian Lake Property Association’s Board of Directors.  Since 2016, Mary Beth has served our lake community in various areas of responsibilities including, but not limited to 3 years as President ( 2017, 18, and 20 ).  Perhaps her crowning glory was leading the new cove 9 bridge from start to finish.  Mary Beth has graciously agreed to continue her service on various committees. We thank her for all of her past and future efforts regarding the advancements of “all things” regarding our cherished Indian Lake.

On Friday evening, May 14th, Barry Alick was appointed to serve on the Board until our next election. Barry, a previous member at large on the Long Term Planning Committee will continue to serve that committee as well as assist fellow Board Member Tom McClard as Assistant Chair to the Maintenance Committee. We welcome Barry to his Board position and look forward to his contributions.

Also on Friday May 14th, in conjunction with collaboration of all Board Members, I circulated a memo on social media regarding recent Indian Lake water quality testing results and follow up plans for the same. In my opinion, the collaborative Board effort resulted in following the basic communication rules of  “what did we knew, when did we know it, and what we did do about it?”  I refer to those communication rules as “The Dan Rather’s 60 Minutes interview.”

While we are concerned about our lake’s water quality, do not mistake our lake water quality concerns with turning our Board’s collective back on our other 4 repeatedly discussed focuses; roads, safety on and off the water, community communications and involvement, and financial planning. Nevertheless, for this moment, the water quality testing results are “top of mind.”  Should you have any questions regarding any of our five 2021 focus areas, please send me an email.  I look forward to hearing from you via email or seeing you at the next Neighborhood Forum or Member Meeting.

R C Dixon, ILPOA President