ILPOA President (July Update)

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July 16, 2021
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July 23, 2021
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ILPOA President (July Update)

On Saturday, July 10th, we held our 3rd Quarterly Member Meeting for the current fiscal year. The entire Board hopes that you had an opportunity to attend in person, watch it live or later at your convenience via youtube. Should you have any questions regarding what was or wasn’t presented, please email me or another Board Member. Your question will be answered. If you do not have access to email, a long hand letter with return address information can be dropped off at the ILPOA office. As with emails, longhand letters will be responded to promptly.

As a general statement, The ILPOA Board does not respond directly to social media commentary, although we frequent our community Facebook and Next Door pages as individuals. Like questions and comments concerning Quarterly Member Meetings, if you have questions or comments concerning our lake community that you wish the Board or a specific Board Member to respond to, please voice those questions and comments via email or longhand letter in the same manner as described above.

Very soon you will be receiving an invitation from a Special Board Committee to suggest ILPOA by-law and/or rule changes. Taking advantage of this invitation is a privilege of ILPOA membership and potentially far more effective than a Facebook posting suggesting the same. The Special Committee, The Board, and the entire ILPOA membership look forward to your by-law and rule change ideas and suggestions. We all thank you in advance.

Bob Dixon, ILPOA President