Water Testing Update (July 23rd)

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July 16, 2021
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July 24, 2021
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Water Testing Update (July 23rd)

On Monday, July 19th we completed our fifth round of testing for Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) continuing our testing regimen that has been in place since mid-May. These tests will continue to be conducted by an independent lab – Phycotech.

The latest tests continue to show the presence of potential toxin-producing algae, however, no toxins are present in our lake at this time. The lake continues to show concentrations of  Microcystis and Dolichospermum as the major algae species present in the lake.

Additional comments from our partner Dr. Jennifer Jermalowicz-Jones

“The blue-green algae Aphamazomenon and Dolichospermum are the most prevalent algae in the lake and both are in bloom quantities. These algae are not favorable to the health of the lake ecosystem and over time also pose continued threats to human and animal health. This is why the new LFA and bioaugmentation program is critical for restoring the algal communities to healthy species that are beneficial to the lake ecosystem.”

The board has been working with a donor and we have ordered signs for our beach and boat launch areas to warn members to Swim At Your Own Risk due to the condition of the lake. We want to remind all members to stay out of areas where there are obvious signs of scum and algae and continue to use the lake at their own discretion.

We will complete another round of testing (including E. Coli testing) the week of August 2nd and communicate an update once the results are returned to us.