Building Permit Policy Updates

Water Testing Update (July 23rd)
July 23, 2021
Water Test Update (08/05/21)
August 5, 2021
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Building Permit Policy Updates

Your ILPOA Board of Directors has determined that it is necessary to update requirements to the Building Permit Policy. 

SEAWALL: Riprap (rock) material will be added to seawall construction to help reduce the severe wave action on the main body of our lake.  Also, construction activity on Association property has occurred at times without Board authorization and without a building permit.

Therefore, the following bullet points will be added to the form entitled “ILPOA Building Permit Information”; For new or repaired seawalls in the main body of the lake, riprap material is to be added to the lakeside of the wall to enhance wave mitigation.

Also; Construction of any kind on Association property is prohibited without the approval of the ILPOA Board of Directors.

Additionally, the “ILPOA Building Code” Section 11 (Permits) H. will read; The minimum volume of rip rap material for a seawall on the main body of the lake will be determined by the Building Permit Chair.

John Richmond & Tom McClard, Building Permit Chairs