Unauthorized Vehicles on ILPOA Dam

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January 17, 2020
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February 6, 2020
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Unauthorized Vehicles on ILPOA Dam

Members, as we reviewed during the ILPOA Quarterly Member Meeting, we are experiencing a problem with vehicles on the backside of the dam. This could be causing serious, permanent, expensive damage to our dam.

The DNR has advised that there are to be no ruts, tracks, etc on the backside and bottom field of the dam. In addition, our rules and regulations, Section 10.G. “Golf carts, ATVs and ORTV’s are only permitted to be driven on roadways and are not to be driven through members property or on unpaved/un-graveled association property that is not owned by the driver or owner of said vehicle.”

Last Saturday, we received a call from a concerned member (thank you!) who witnessed a SUV (full sized) driving around at the bottom field of the dam, causing damage. Together with our security force, the Sheriff’s department cornered this vehicle/driver and passenger. Crawford County removed and dealt with the offenders. Please be on the lookout for any vehicle (whether it is a car/SUV/ATV/golf cart, etc) on Association property off ANY OF OUR ROADS and call security immediately with as much information as you can give them. We are also looking into adding more cameras throughout the neighborhood in non-public areas. We will contact the Sheriff’s office and have any offenders prosecuted.

Thank you,

Koren McGinnis, ILPOA Security Chair

Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA President