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May 12, 2023
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May 17, 2023
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The Road Committee has provided a project update for May 2023 and is pleased to share details in the communication below. Please email any questions to

The Road Committee is working through a proposal with the board to commence voting on the project in late June and conclude the vote in mid-July. We are still working through details with our volunteer elections officers, and will be communicating the final timeline for the vote at our May 27th meeting at the Community Center. The May 27th meeting will begin at 9 AM – we hope to see you there!

We encourage anyone who has not had an opportunity to review the full presentation from April to do so at the following link: April Road Committee Presentation

In addition, the presentations, FAQs, and road studies are available at the following page:

The committee anticipates sharing outcome from the Reserve Study near the end of May or early June. This study is critical as it enables us to qualify for lending with CIT – a specialized HOA lender. This approach will enable us to complete ALL of the roads in a less than one year time period, although we will collect and pay for the roads over a 7 year period. A reminder that the assessment proposal is to collect $53.57 each month over a 7 year period, pay in full annually $642.85 each year ($53.57 x 12 months) or to pay in full in the amount of $4,500. ($642.85 x 7 years).  Note that all funds collected through this assessment are RESTRICTED to road repair and road maintenance ONLY and may not be used for any other purposes.

Below is a comprehensive update from the committee:

Utilizing Material Quantities and guidance provide by Cochran & Associates in October 2022, in addition to budgetary contractor pricing obtained in March 2023, Committee plans contemplate a project cost of approximately $3MM – inclusive of ongoing field engineering guidance and contingencies.

In May 2023, the Road Committee met with Cochran & Associates to confirm appropriate next steps that include:

  1. Confirmation that Public Ditches and Culverts will be re-evaluated following completion of the road project. (Maintenance of Private Ditches and Culverts is the responsibility of individual lot owners – public areas will be addressed by the Maintenance Committee, as needed.)    
  2. Following an approved assessment, Cochran will lead in preparation of a Request For Proposals (RFP) that will be included project material quantities utilizing cost index pricing, and projected equipment resources for base road preparations. In addition, they will review billing on a regular basis.
  3. As the project scope and existing conditions varies throughout the community, final scope determination for each segment of road will be defined 1-2 weeks prior to project implementation, based on Cochran guidelines.
  4. Following an approved assessment and financing details, the Committee goal is to qualify competitive bids with the assistance of Cochran and award the project Q4 2023.
  5. It is anticipated that work will commence in Q2 2024 and will be completed within the calendar year. Initial contractor feedback suggests the work will be completed in 4 months +/-. However, a projected timeline (number of weeks to completed the project) will be required at the time of bid submittal and communicated to the community prior to project implementation.  
  6. A phasing plan will be determined once a contract has been awarded and shared with the community. Once the road improvement project commences, a 4 week Look-Ahead schedule will be maintained through project completion and communicated regularly to the community.

There have been requests/questions associated with driveway skirting (the area between the road and existing driveways). The Road Committee will endeavor to work with the contractor to provide unit pricing for those interested in completing this work (at owner cost), at the time road improvements are being conducted in this area, or at the completion of the Community Road Project. However, the contractors primary focus and schedule priority will be Community Roads.

There have been questions regarding the surface area between the mailboxes and the road. The areas of improvement will be determined and marked on the road surface 1-2 weeks prior to completing work in each area. It is the intent to resurface the varying but currently defined road areas throughout. If mailboxes are located within the required US Postal Service distance (posted located with 41”-45” from the road, with the box accessible 6”-8” from the road edge), there should be no concern. However, if a mailbox does not reasonably conform with US Postal Service Guidelines, adjustments by individual lot owners may be required, with guidance or assistance provided by Maintenance. It should be noted that the majority within our community appear to conform.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming meetings at the community center, and we appreciate all of your support as we work to make Indian Hills a great place to live for many years to come.

ILPOA Road Committee