ILPOA Roads & Maintenance Update (09/10/20)

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September 10, 2020
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September 10, 2020
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ILPOA Roads & Maintenance Update (09/10/20)

The information below was provided by Gary Campbell, Roads & Maintenance Chair. If you have any questions regarding the information provided you can contact Gary at

Some highlights for the past included record rainfall and that rain continued to take a toll on the roads & trees. We had one worker out 2 weeks due to a spider bite that got infected and another that has been out the last few weeks due to colon cancer (He has taken a leave of absence for at least 5 months). Add to that our aged equipment failures that continue to significantly impact efforts. Despite all the obstacles, the guys have continued to maintain. My hats off to Joe, Walt and Matt.

They have continued to maintain the normal grass cutting (9 coves, entry islands, community center, and other community properties), trimming, and repairing our aging equipment. We had the roller, the skid loader (trans), mowers. White truck, Backhoe and security boat/pontoon issues (Due to wear & tear)

The guys continued with cleanup after the tornado and flash flood, both on land and in the lake. Had to tow trees and hay bales to the dam and remove them with the backhoe. Had to pick up a dock from Cove 9. Debris cleanup and disposal took up a good part of the first two weeks of July. Required 3 loads of rock at Cove 9 to repair erosion, alone.

In addition to those things mentioned above, the guys have been busy:

  • Continued repairs to the gate arms.
  • The patrol boats- the pontoon was over-heating and required servicing and our recent repair of a donated speed boat was for nought. Shortly after in-service as a patrol boat, on July 11, it caught fire and is not repairable.
  • The guys have retrieved stray buoys and have placed additional buoys according to the current approved plan. If you have a complaint about placement, please don’t move the buoys. Submit a change request to the office for consideration. It may not change, but you will get a reply back explaining why it can’t/won’t be changed.
  • Maintenance has cut some new ditch to address drainage issues
  • Sprayed weeds/grass at entrance landscaping and in other community areas.
  • Cable got installed at the bottom of the dam to restrict access to the back of the dam.
  • The cable at the top had to be repaired when someone slid off the pavement and took out a post.
  • The guys have continued to fix more potholes and some significant erosions — some that were caused by the flash flood and some by the persistent rains we had in July & early August!! Filled major potholes/erosions on Seminole, Alleghany, Dogwood, Hickory, Whitehawk, Cove 9, Cove 1, Navajo to name a few.
  • Cove 9 bridge got inspected by Cochran and weight restrictions were recommended until replacement can be effected.
  • Checked culverts and unclogged some that needed it. Will be beginning replacements of some that need that.
  • Replaced batteries on out warning sirens. Are going to begin a program to test same beginning in the near future.
  • Replaced rope and buoys around swim area.
  • Moved electric at community center to allow install of backsplash behind grills.
  • Trimmed brush along some of the roads

In addition, Mary Beth, myself and Joe met with representatives from the water company on Friday, August 14 to discuss renewing our contract with them and their plans going forward. They have indicated plans to start replacing the water mains in Indian Hills in the Spring. Our question to them was, “Will that increase rates in Indian Hills?” We were told,” it would not!” They have accrued funds to allow for that upgrade.

We discussed current road repairs needs, repairs following future leak repairs (Which should be minimal once the current water mains are replaced), and we were told their intent was to start on current repair needs within the next few weeks. They have 3 new people in upper management/customer service positions (2 of which we met with) and their intent is to work on improving their image at Indian Hills. The one individual not present is new and will be moving into this area and as soon as he arrives, his first priority will be focused on needed road repairs in Indian Hills.

If what was stated at this meeting bears out, we have high hopes that both the water system and roads may improve. 

Last, but certainly not least, I want to extend my sincere thanks to the Booster, Men’s and Ladies clubs for their generous contributions. They have helped lessen the impact of natural disasters and aging equipment repairs on our budget. Thank you!!