ILPOA Legal Update (9/10/20)

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September 9, 2020
ILPOA Roads & Maintenance Update (09/10/20)
September 10, 2020
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ILPOA Legal Update (9/10/20)

The information below was provided by Chris Pinaire, ILPOA Legal Chair. If you have any questions regarding the information provided please email Chris at

 Lawsuit with Brunts, Wideman, O’Fallon, Williams: Count V (Fraud) was withdrawn by the plaintiffs.  The original case has now been entered into final judgement.  However, the plaintiffs filed an appeal in the southern district of Missouri Court of Appeals.  As updates are available, we will relay to the community.

Trail Road Case:  This case has been dismissed.  The property was sold and is no longer an issue with the community.

Lawsuit with All-Type Fence: The case against All-Type Fence is ongoing.  Our next court date is scheduled for bench trial on 10/28/20 at 9am CST.