ILPOA President’s Update (09/10/20)

ILPOA Roads & Maintenance Update (09/10/20)
September 10, 2020
ILPOA Annual Meeting on October 10th at 1 p.m.
September 22, 2020
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ILPOA President’s Update (09/10/20)

The information below was provided by Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA President. If you have any questions regarding her report you can email Mary Beth at

Wow, hard to believe we are moving into September!  COVID, Tornado,
Flood….2020 has been a summer to remember-a YEAR to remember!

There are some important dates coming up:
August 31st at 4 pm was the deadline for Members to submit By-Law and Rule
and Regulation Changes.

Saturday, September 19 is the deadline to submit your form, 100 word
statement and picture to run for the board.  The form is on-line or Michelle
in the office can give you one if you stop by during office hours.

October 1, the boards will be removed from the valve at the spillway to
begin the lowering of the lake so that bridge demo/construction can begin.
Strongly suggest those who take their boats out of the lake during the
winter do so by then.

Saturday, October 10 will be the Annual Meeting/Meet the Candidates.
Discussions are ongoing about how to do that in our Covid world.

Bid Package out in September, take bids end of September.  October to
evaluate and choose a contractor.
Lower the Lake in October/November
December-March Construction

This is a very broad time line.  The bridge committee has been working with
Cochran Engineering to move into the building of the bridge.  Weather is a
huge unknown.  Construction in the winter is far from ideal.  Our first
unknown hurdle will be getting the lake to lower in two months for
construction to start.  Will our wet year continue, or will it let up and
let the lake lower?  And then there are some construction activities that
will be temperature sensitive – such as pouring concrete – that we will need
some decent windows.  But let’s all hope we don’t run into any extreme
weather this fall/winter and that we will be able to begin filling that lake
up in the spring!  Any member who is interested in looking at the drawings
and specifications, there is a copy in the office.

Our delinquent dues/assessment was at $114,000 the beginning of August.  The
Association counts on ALL members contributing to the running of the
community.  Although removal from the directory brought in some payments, we
will have to begin legal proceedings to collect some of the older accounts.
Unfortunately, that entails spending money to get our money.

The tornado did enough damage to the Community Center that insurance has
paid for a new roof.  We are in the process of bidding the work out.   Some
wonderful members bought some new fans and installed them for the patio.
Thank you so much to Bill and Karen Bell and Doug and Jeanette Pittman.

The Booster Club has some great Covid-friendly events coming up.  This
Saturday will be a Movie Night at the Community Center Beach Area.
September 12 they will be having a Parade for our First Responders.