February 2023 ILPOA Metrics from CARE

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March 17, 2023
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March 25, 2023
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February 2023 ILPOA Metrics from CARE

Please welcome Mike Jackson to our Roving Patrol CARE Team.  Mike is a 20 year member of our lake community and will work part time.

During the month of February 2023:

* Our Roving Patrol worked 60.5 paid hours.
* Our front gate was operable all month.
* 15,641 vehicles passed through our front gate.
* Two dog citations were written with fines of $50 and $150.
* 41 properties were under review for non-compliance issues, resulting in the preparation of 30 letters ready to be mailed to property owners as of 2/28.
* Legal action against 5 property owners for nuisance properties were progressing through the Crawford County Court.
* Crawford County Sheriff’s Department continued to average 2.5 extra ILPOA patrols a day in their effort to “have more presence in our community every day.”
* During the combined months of January and February, Crawford County Sheriff’s Department responded to 18 special ILPOA service calls ranging from suspicious activities to well being checks.

* And a big thank you to our ILPOA  maintenance department for readying our patrol boat for the upcoming boating season.  It looks great.