Update on Cove 9 Bridge

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August 6, 2020
August 20, 2020

August 2020

COVID-19 has not stopped ILPOA Bridge Committee from meeting remotely and moving forward with plans to build a new bridge over Brush Creek on Cove 9, replacing the existing rapidly deteriorating bridge. This announcement reflects the intended timeframe needed to build a new bridge and alerts Members to the current bridge access being closed. 

New Bridge Design and Bid Process

The Bridge Committee continues to work with Cochran  Engineering, the engineering firm retained to assess our needs and develop the construction bid package.  The design of the bridge was based upon input from Member surveys as to what was important to them to include.  The bid package calls for a new one-lane bridge substantially longer than the current bridge.  This is to allow for more water to pass under the bridge when high amounts of storm waters occur.  Construction of the new bridge will be independently overseen and monitored by Cochran Engineering as well.

Bid packages are being sent to MODOT approved bridge contractors known in the area.  If any member wants to be sure that a contractor they would recommend receives notification of the bid request, please email the name of the contactor and their contact details to the ILPOA Bridge Committee at bridgecommittee@ILPOA.org.  Bids will be due in September.  The Bridge Committee will review the bids and make recommendations to the Board of Directors of ILPOA.  It is anticipated the bid will be awarded by late September.

Lake Being Lowered October 1, 2020

In order for construction to take place, the lake water level will need to be dropped the maximum amount allowed, about 6’-8’ lower than normal summer pools.    Lowering the lake to this level was routine and took place every four years in the past.  It allows members access to their shorelines to make improvements.   We anticipate starting to lower the lake on October 1, 2020. Although the lake valves will be open in early October, rain could slow the lowering process. With limited or no rain, we anticipate the lake to lower a couple inches each day.     Many boat owners will need to remove their boats from the lake for winter storage before this date to avoid problems getting their boats off their lifts or to an access ramp to remove from the lake.    Therefore, it is highly recommended for those who want to remove their boats for the winter should do so by October 1, 2020.

Although we realize the lowering is earlier than normal, starting in October will ensure completion of the new bridge before spring.   Of course this completion date is subject to weather conditions during the construction project.

Access Far Side of Lake Over Dam and Spillway  During Construction

We anticipate the existing bridge will be closed to traffic after the contractor has been vetted and chosen. At that time the contractor would begin removing the existing bridge and construction of the new bridge, weather permitting.  This will cause all traffic to be routed over the spillway and dam in order to access the west side of the lake while the new bridge is being built.  Temporary ramps will be constructed to reduce the road grade at each side of the spillway, allowing safe passage of all vehicles.   By lowering the lake as noted,  we also reduce the chances of having the dam closed due to heavy rainfall.  


The Bridge Committee will keep all Members informed as this project progresses.  Please share this information with your friends and neighbors to help ensure everyone is aware of the timing of these events.

If you believe that you may have issues removing your boat by the October 1 date, please contact us at bridgecommittee@ilpoa.org.

Bridge Committee

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John Oeltjen

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