Upcoming Annual Elections/Ballots

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September 30, 2019
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October 10, 2019
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Upcoming Annual Elections/Ballots

As we prepare for our upcoming elections it is never more important for you to participate. Your votes on who will be on your 2020 ILPOA Board, Rules & Regulations and By-Law changes are critical to our community. Ballots will be mailed to all members on 10/25/19 and we will use your Primary Mailing Address on file at the ILPOA Office as of 10/14/19.

2020 BOD Candidates:

This year we have seven (7) candidates for your consideration for the 2020 ILPOA Board. To assist you in making your decision we have asked each candidate to provide a no more than 100-word Candidate Summary/BIO and complete a Candidate Questionnaire that includes questions on the key issues being faced by our community. Carefully read the Candidate Statement/BIO and Questionnaire so you can determine who is committed to DOING the work to ensure the future of our community. Below are the candidates for your consideration:

NOTE: We have received numerous calls on how/why members that are actively suing the Association can run for the Board. We have consulted with our attorney on this subject and nothing in our bylaws (Article 5 section 3) states that Dale Brunts, Diane Wideman and Jim O’Fallon are ineligible to run for a Board position based on this lawsuit.

  • Bill Brumitt (currently on the 2019 Board)
  • Dale Brunts
  • Gary Campbell
  • Mary Beth Huffman
  • Don Kalista (Currently on 2019 Board)
  • Jim O’Fallon (On 10/10 Jim O’Fallon informed the office he is no longer a candidate for the 2020 ILPOA Board)
  • Diana Wideman

2020 Rules & Regulations

  • Placement of Watercraft Stickers
  • Lowering of the Lake
  • Watersports / New Wake Times
  • Wake Surfing

2020 By-Laws

  • Meeting of Members / Place of Meetings
  • Bridge Assessment

Return of Ballots

  • Ballots are to be returned no later than Wednesday, November 13, 2019 by 9:00am
  • Ballots must be sent to: Inspector of Elections PO Box 620, Cuba, MO 65453
  • Ballots received after 11/13/19 at 9 a.m. or delivered to any location other than the PO Box will not be counted

Please direct all question to indianlake@ilpoa.org. We will also post FAQs on the association website if necessary.

Mark McLean
ILPOA President

Click on the file below for all Candidate BIOs and Candidate Questionnaires:

Jim O’Fallon refused to provide completed Candidate Questionnaire