Roads & Security Update

Security Update (February 2021)
February 15, 2021
Changes to Building Permits Effective 4/1/21
February 16, 2021
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Roads & Security Update

ROADS – Thanks to Joe Modray and Matt Eaton for braving these ridiculously cold temperatures to plow our roads.  Their windshields and wipers on the trucks were freezing up, but the plows are doing their jobs.  They have gotten around a few times today.   Unfortunately, it is too cold for salt to do any good.  Please be CAUTIOUS if you must be out.  Check on any vulnerable neighbors and make sure exhaust vents are clear. 

REMEMBER THIS RULE, SECTION 10G.:  “Golf carts, ATVs and OTRV’s are only permitted to be driven on roadways and are not to be driven through members property or on unpaved/un-traveled Association property that is not owned by the driver or owner of said vehicle.”

Mary Beth Huffman

Maintenance Chair