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August 3, 2022
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August 7, 2022
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Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes

1) Called to order at 5:00 PM on 8/01/22 in community center with the following in attendance ( R Dixon, G Campbell & wife, J Koyn, D DuBois, D Bare, M Schramm, Lt Brooks, Sgt Patton, J Rohal,  D Dolen, G Weber ).

2) Approved minutes from previous meeting.

3) Lt Brooks shared the previous 30 days recap for CCSD reports involving Indian Hills.  Before reading too much into one 30 day recap, it was requested ( and the request accepted ) for Lt Brooks to provide the NW with a years’ worth of such data and then to provide the NW with same data monthly going forward.  This will give the NW valuable context as dwell the ability to create meaningful and tractable metrics.

4) Lt Brooks led a discussion on viscous animals and CCSD’s response to complaints as such. The important takeaway was that CCSD will not involve itself until a 2nd incident regarding the same animal or animal owner. It is therefore important that first incidents are reported.

5) Lt Brooks confirmed that CCSD will assist us in identifying trespassers via registration / license plates once all ILPOA internal processes have been utilized to no avail.  

6) Jean and Jackie stated to plot potential NW recruits on our lake map.  With the number of members / houses / lots, it was deemed that perhaps we should target 40 block captain recruits ( thus creating blocks of 20+ houses compared to MW Manual 10 – 15 suggestion ).  We will review their completed lake plotting at our next meeting, develop a narrative for recruiting and set a plan for execution of the recruiting effort. Thereafter, we will concentrate on suggestions from Chapter 3 of the NW Manual and other specific training.

7) Discussions and decisions regarding NW signage / car & window stickers was deferred although various members of our group wish to do independent research to understand our options.  CCSD does not have the funds / budget to support this and such is not a line item on ILPOA current budget.

8) R Dixon to write ( and post on ILPOA web site and social media ), an open invitation to members to join our NW / come to meetings / learn more etc. etc.

9 ) D Dolen to contact Crawford Electric for potential increased street lighting in certain neighborhood locations. She will report back to the group with her learnings. No decisions have been made regarding this idea. We are simply trying to get her information.

10) The next NW meeting will be on Monday, August 15 in the Community Center beginning at 5:00 PM.  

11) With no other business, meeting was adjourned at 6:50 PM.