Lake Restoration Committee Update

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November 6, 2019
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November 13, 2019
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Lake Restoration Committee Update

     “As a follow up to our recommendation to the ILPOA BOD and website update in September, we have received member feedback and followed up with more investigations around the potential effectiveness of the suggested solutions by seeking input from governmental agencies. 

     After sending the data and report to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, they referred us to a more appropriate governmental agency, the Missouri Department of Conservation. We have been in touch with a Fisheries Management Biologist there and have facilitated numerous communication exchanges between them and the CEO of and his team. The input from the Biologist was that they had not had exposure to much “Bio-Dredging” in Missouri but certainly confirmed that the lack of dissolved oxygen was a large problem. The MDC confirmed that the process of re-oxygenating ponds and lakes is not a new one, and in fact there were various studies in the 1990’s that documented very positive results. One of these studies is now published in “The Lake and Reservoir Restoration Guidance Manual” as a recommended best practice. At the time of those studies, the oxygenation process was not coupled with any enzyme or other additives to accelerate the process so the MDC could not comment on our specific proposed solution. Scientific studies and appropriate documentation are underway and has communicated their results for review and are working with MDC to conduct “peer reviews” necessary for a full MDC endorsement. The claim of “bigger and healthier fish” could not be supported by the Fisheries Management Biologist without supporting evidence, but 2 of the 3 customer references supported that claim. Peer Reviews are a lengthy process and not likely to be completed in time for our 2020 proposed start.

In the months to come, we will be posting various informative videos outlining various aspects of lake deterioration and how we propose to reverse it. Beginning in January we will be holding Q&A sessions at various locations and welcome your input to address this ongoing problem.

For further information or to offer input, please contact us at “

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