Security Gates and Gate Arms are Operational Again

Entrance/Exit Road Project Final Update
November 5, 2019
Lake Restoration Committee Update
November 12, 2019
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Security Gates and Gate Arms are Operational Again

Now that the Entrance/Exit Roads are back open the security gate and gate arms are back in operation. Please remember to have your security gate card with you when you leave the community.

Also, remind your guests that the Member Directory location has moved as part of the new configuration. We’ve seen a number of people drive by it thinking the Member Directory is still located by Guard Shack.

If you forget your gate card and you have your cellphone number in the directory you can always use the Member Directory to call you and you will be able to press “9” and remotely open the gate. Also, in order to speed up the guest process please give your guests your 4-digit code instead of using the long process to look up names. Remind them if they do not reach you to use the new “turn-out” lane to re-enter the community so the person behind them can use the Member Directory. If you do not know your 4-digit code please call the ILPOA Office at 573-885-3630. The office can also confirm the two contact numbers that are in the Member Directory.

Please observe the signage around the gate. Gates are set to allow only one vehicle at a time before the gate arm drop downs. If there is a car in front of you, wait at the stop sign and allow the gate arm to drop down before you proceed to swipe your gate card or move up for the RFID reader to read your RFID tag.

Thanks again for your patience as we all get used to the Security Gates being in operation again now that construction is complete.