Lake, Dam, & Spillway Update (04/23/21)

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April 23, 2021
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April 23, 2021
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Lake, Dam, & Spillway Update (04/23/21)

As we near prime lake season, I wanted to provide the members with an update on Water Testing and our state mandated Dam Inspection that was conducted on April 20th, 2021.

Water Testing Plan

The board of directors acknowledges there are concerns from membership regarding the health of our lake and we want to make sure that all of our members and their guests have confidence that our lake is safe for fishing and swimming, and that children and pets will be safe as well. In mid-May we will conduct tests of the water at several locations to ensure that the water is safe for recreational use. We will communicate those results when they are returned a day or two later. We plan to test the water before the 4th of July holiday and again in mid to late August.  If anyone has questions regarding our water testing program please email

Dam Inspection

Every 5 years it is mandated that our dam is inspected to ensure that we are meeting protocols and that the dam will be able to withstand a 1/100 year event. This inspection is conducted by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Our maintenance department has done a tremendous job over the last few years ensuring that our dam is well maintained, and also ensuring that we had addressed all of the recommendations made by DNR previously. We expect to receive our final report in the next few weeks, but we received very positive feedback post-inspection on the condition of the dam. DNR was very complimentary of our efforts to address recommendations from the previous inspection including work to clear drains, remove trees and other vegetation, and our effort to re-pave the dam road. Mary Beth Huffman, Joe Mischik, Matt Eaton, and Joe Modray were in attendance for the inspection.  

Joe Mischik

Lake Dam and Spillway Chair