Improvements to Cove 1

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April 6, 2021
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April 9, 2021
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Improvements to Cove 1

Have you seen Cove #1 lately?  If you haven’t, take a ride around, it’s looking awesome!

We had a member that was doing some extensive dock/sea wall work.  But in addition to their personal work at their house, they replaced some old Association culverts and have upgraded all the ground at the south side canal that leads into Cove 1, including rip rap, grass seed, etc. to cut down on the erosion into the lake-all at their own expense. 

We thank the Seerey’s for their very generous donation and the sprucing up of Cove 1.  Also, their contractor Brad Schwent Construction went above and beyond to add upgrades in the Cove.  He has bought and spread multiple loads of rock in Cove 1, expanded the parking area quite a bit, in addition to adding topsoil and grass seed. 

Thank you very much Mr. Schwent for your donation!