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April 8, 2021
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ILPOA Buoy Policy

Lake Buoy Policy – 2021 Update

To date we have received several emails from members regarding buoy placement around the lake. This communication is to clarify the Board’s position on buoys as we all look forward to 2021 lake season.

The Board is committed to placing buoys where required according to our Rules and Regulations Section 3, F. Cove Buoys

“No Wake buoys are located at the entrance to all coves except Cove Eight (8) and Members shall maintain a minimum speed in order to create “no wake” while leaving or entering a cove.”

Our association has limited maintenance resources to purchase and maintain buoys around the lake. We have had issues over the past few years where members have purchased buoys and placed them in the lake, thereby creating a burden for our maintenance staff. We have also had issues with people moving buoys from their placed locations at cove entrances thereby creating safety hazards. Our goal is to balance safety on the lake, our maintenance resources to maintain buoys, and the desire from members on the lakefront to provide a safe environment for their families and friends to swim.

As we move forward, only buoys placed by ILPOA will be allowed in the lake, and buoys that are not placed by ILPOA will be removed from the lake. We are taking this position to not only ensure we can maintain the buoys, but also to ensure that private buoys do not unnecessarily restrict our lake traffic or create avoidable safety issues from improperly moored private buoys. 

A reminder: Rules and Regulations Section 5 Part B States “No Member shall designate a “private swimming area” by means of buoys or other floating devices. Members shall not leave non-motorized floating apparatus such as inner tubes, trampolines, slides or other recreational floating device in the lake overnight”.  Leaving items in the lake creates preventable hazards for boaters navigating at night. Please remove all of your toys from the lake each night, whether on the main channel or in the coves.

Finally, In 2018, the Missouri legislature passed House Bill 2116 (available at which outlines that boaters in the state of Missouri are prohibited from making a wake within 100 feet of a dock, within 100 feet of a pier, within 100 feet of an occupied, anchored boat, within 100 feet of a buoyed restricted area (including swimming areas and areas designated as “no wake”) and anywhere within no wake designated areas which in Indian Hills includes our coves.  These are Missouri laws that all boaters must follow.  In addition our Rules and Regulations Section 4.E states “Never tow closer than one hundred (100) feet to any non-motorized boat, object or person”, and Section 4.N states “All motorized watercraft must allow, at minimum (100) feet from anyone being towed by another watercraft as well as between other watercraft.”

If any member has questions or concerns about buoy locations, or to report buoys that have been moved (either intentionally or unintentionally) please email and your concern will be forwarded to the appropriate contact on the Lake Dam and Spillway Committee.

Thank you

Lake Dam and Spillway Committee

Joe Mischik & John Richmond