Booster Club 2019 Recap

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December 17, 2019
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January 15, 2020
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Booster Club 2019 Recap


2019 started out on a very sad note for the Booster Club as we lost our beloved leader, Larry Eberle.  But the members of the club rallied together and we made a conscious decision to honor dear Larry by making it the best year ever – and we came through in a big way!!  

Our spring membership drive was wildly successful, we took in over $26,000.  Contributors to the membership drive receive the coveted “Love the Lake-Moving Forward” tee shirt – this year in gray.  It is amazing to see how many of those shirts are around-both the previous years in red, blue and now gray!

Dale and Kathy Bailey and team have taken hold of our winter Buncos.  It is always a fun time – and often comes during a good time to get out of the house!  They are planning another one for this winter, keep an eye out for the date and join us.  

We partnered with The Lakeshore Marina and the DuBois/Brakefield/McGuirk family for an outdoor concert in the spring.  Gavin M played for an excited crowd on a great evening.  A perfect example of a family getting together, planning and executing an event for the good of the community!  Hope to do something similar again in 2020.  

Our Annual Family Reunion exceeded all expectations.  We tried a few new things that ended up being great ideas.  One was an “on-line” auction.  Many members joined in the fun to bid on some unbelievable items donated by our members.  In addition, the Ladies Auxiliary donated and worked an Ice Cream Social on Friday evening to kick off the Reunion.  Members came to the Community Center and enjoyed ice cream while checking out the silent auction items.  We had fire truck rides and a pumper, water races and games for the kids to experience.  We also experimented by taking credit card payments for the auction, something that worked out very well.  We ended up grossing over $10,800 for the Family Reunion!   It was so well attended, there was hardly room in the Community Center at times – even with the Blues Parade going on!

Among other things during the year, we finished up 2019 with two very successful events.  The Thanksgiving Dinner and Holiday Light Contest were AMAZING!!  Both free events aimed toward bringing our community together and both filled the Community Center with members.   The potluck Thanksgiving dinner brought out the unbelievable cooking skills of so many of our members!!  And the Christmas Holiday Lighting Contest brought out more holiday spirit than we’ve seen in Indian Hills.  We’ve heard loud and clear that folks want to see both of those events back next year!  

The premise of The Booster Club is that we work hard and have fun at the fundraisers, then the Booster Club Members discuss and decide how that money is spent in the community.  This has been the most successful year we’ve experienced by far and as Ed Hitzeman likes to remind us:  we have raised more than over 10% of what the Association  takes in!  Below is the list of items that was voted on and paid for by the Booster Club in 2019:

New Street Signs, Stocking the Lake, New Tires for Maintenance Vehicles, Installation of a Water Softener at the Community Center, Upgrade of the Electronic Sign, New Backpack Blower and Weed Eater, Speed Signs/Barricades, Water Patrol Boat Refitting, New Brush Hog, Mobile Radios, Security Cameras, Snow Plow, Thanksgiving Event Expenses, Christmas Event Expenses, Landscaping at Front Gate, Repair Corporate Seal Embossers.  

Please consider joining The Booster Club.  Our meetings take place on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 9:00 am at the Community Center.  We have some exciting things coming up in 2020, including the First Indian Hills Golf Tournament.  THANK YOU to all members who support the Club, whether it be in person or financially!

Personally, I was honored in early spring when the Officers of this club contacted me to become the President of this wonderful organization.  I thoroughly enjoyed leading this incredible group of Booster Club Members who are committed to making our community better.  We enjoy every moment of planning and executing our events with our fellow members and it proves what Indian Hills is all about.  As I transfer over to President of the Association, Beverly Campbell has stepped up to become President of the Booster Club.  I am confident that 2020 will surpass the incredible 2019 that we just completed!

Mary Beth Huffman