2022 Year End Financial Update

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February 5, 2023
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February 13, 2023
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2022 Year End Financial Update

As we have closed the books on 2022, and are looking ahead to 2023, we are providing an update regarding the finances of ILPOA.  There are two documents linked below that are available at https://ilpoa.org/documents/

  1. YE 2022 Financial Summary
  2. December 2022 Financials

The YE Financial Summary provides a view into the association’s income and expenses for 2022, the operating budget details that are shared every quarter, and some additional details regarding our community finances. We were able to make some investments in more extensive road patching in 2022, performed our mandatory audit, upgraded the security of our entrance gate system, and provided typical services including maintenance and office support. If you have any questions regarding ILPOA’s finances, please email indianlake@ilpoa.org

Joe Mischik

ILPOA Treasurer