Roads & Maintenance Update – July 2020

Lake,Dam& Spillway Update – July 2020
June 28, 2020
Financial Update – through May 2020
June 28, 2020
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Roads & Maintenance Update – July 2020

The information below was provided by Gary Campbell, ILPOA Roads & Maintenance Chair. Any questions can be directed to Gary at

This month has been a busy month in the Roads & Maintenance department. With the increase in numbers here at the lake and a good amount of rain in May & Jun, it has taken a toll on the roads and made the job of staying ahead of the potholes (Approximately 26 ton of materiall just on White Fawn alone as an example) a real challenge. Add to that the challenge of keeping up with the grass cutting, trimming, maintenance to docks, and repairing our aging equipment, and our guys have been amazing. They deserve a big “Thanks”, but do it online, please.

In addition to those things mentioned above, the guys have been busy:

  • Repairing/replacing gate arms, stop signs that people back over, etc
  • Cutting/trimming trees & brush along roads and ditches adjacent to ILPOA properties
  • Repairs to/replacement of ILPOA culverts & ditches.
  • Repairing/rebuilding picnic tables.
  • Equipment repairs included major repairs to both lawnmowers (One being a major engine overhaul), hydraulics on skid loader, tractor tire replacement on Kubota, Hydraulic leaks on the tractor, drive shaft on Kubota tractor, gas tank replacement on Chevrolet truck, to name a few.
  • Retrieving stray buoys at the dam. We do have anchors, cable, and a plan to place buoys according to a previously agreed to map as soon as weather and workload permit. The replacement has begun, but as soon as they get placed, we have people moving them to where they think they need to be. Please leave them where they are placed!!
    • Note: Please stay away from the men when they are placing buoys, as they need room to maneuver and avoid making waves!!
  • Had an incident at cove 9 bridge. Joe took engineers out to inspect and they assessed the damage as cosmetics and the bridge safe to use.
  • With the many showers of rain, it has helped us assess drainage issues and we have worked to remedy any issues. Have a few others to remedy.
  • Spent time cutting down dead trees & brush on association property & the cleaned up around the coves.
  • Worked on donated patrol boats to install lights & siren. It is now up and running.
  • Cable installed at the top of the dam. We will be placing posts and cable at the bottom before the month-end.
  • I did a pothole inspection on all of Indian Hills (Three pages worth), and the guys fixed more potholes!!
  • Completed regulator and gas line replacement at the community center to bring that into compliance.

Thank you again for all your support! We will continue to try and get to community need as quickly as possible with our limited resources, material, men, and finances. Stay safe everyone!!