Roads & Maintenance Update – 7/23/19

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July 18, 2019
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August 4, 2019
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Roads & Maintenance Update – 7/23/19

Approximately 30 tons of UPM (Unique Paving Material) asphalt has been delivered to our Maintenance shop and about 22 tons of it has been applied to our roads so far.  Most of that application has been in the small, but annoying potholes around the lake.  You should notice that many, many holes have been filled with this quality product.  Our Maintenance team has also been tackling some of the larger repairs to the roads that primarily follow the snow route.  These larger repairs are being cut out, with a rock base put in, and then compacted.  Note also these men have been working in unusually hot weather conditions.  Thank you!

The spring and early summer rainy season was so exceptional that more time had to be devoted to cutting grass than normal.  Some volunteers have helped with the grass which has allowed the maintenance team to additionally do pothole repairs.  The team gave extra attention to the beach area by cutting and trimming prior to the June 15 Family Reunion day.  The beach was scraped in order to push out a lot of unwanted weed/grass growth in the area.  Then 50 tons of new Little Piney river sand was delivered and spread over the beach – including the area around the swing set.  An additional 50 tons has been delivered and will be further spread on the beach.  (Sincere thanks to the Ladies Club for the donation towards the sand!)

Speed barriers were also installed along the 2200 block of Lakeshore Drive.  They are meant to be visual and physical warnings to drivers that they should especially SLOW DOWN because of numerous pedestrians, dog walkers and children in the area. We will be talking to members around this area to measure the effectiveness of these barriers to determine whether they are a valuable tool and could be utilized in other areas of the community. A special shout out to the Booster Club for funding these barriers, and to the neighbors who have been passionate about the overall safety of our members and have been vigilant in watching for any careless and imprudent driving.

A new and wider culvert pipe was installed along with the new concrete at DD.  This was MODOT approved and necessary to minimize the risk to autos and trailers potentially falling into the ditch making the right turn onto Highway DD.

We are also looking into solutions for culverts and ditches along the steeper section of Lakeside Drive – especially because of the massive rains we received earlier this year.  We ask all members to  maintain their culvert pipes to ensure they are in working condition  and free of leaves and debris to allow for proper drainage of rain waters. Our dam road will be repaved, weather permitting, this late summer or early fall (using restricted “Dam and Spillway” funds).  This road is in no better shape than any of the other roads in our community.  It will be closed for approximately 2 days while the contractor establishes a solid base to the road, then adds final asphalt for the road.   It will drain properly, will meet MODOT standards and will last for many years to come. 

John Richmond and Pat Leahy, Roads and Maintenance Chair and Vice Chair