Long Range Planning Committee (April Update)

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April 23, 2021
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April 23, 2021
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Long Range Planning Committee (April Update)

We’ve developed 3 subcommittees to connect into other committee deliverables to understand their strategies.

  • Roads will be tackled by Joe and Sue connecting with MB
  • Lake Restoration owned by Dave, MB, and Barry connecting with Chris Pinaire, Scott Rockafellow, Ed Weston, and Mike Schwartze
  • Maintenance and Security tackled by Bob and Tom connecting with MB and Tom McClard

Over the next few weeks, these subcommittees should meet with the contacts above to understand where things are with current situations/funding, what paths are most likely feasible for the short term (next 1 year) and what paths they are thinking about exploring longer term (for this exercise let’s think 3-5 years).  If anybody would benefit from a template to fill out, let me know and I can work on something uniform early this week.

Next steps will be for us to discuss paths/findings at our April 16th meeting, and we’ll target by mid May to have our narratives and scenarios firmed up. I am leaning toward this timeline because by then we’ll have a good idea where things are with the Lake Restoration effort and I am hopeful that we will continue to make progress on the roads assessments. Based on that timeline we’ll look to share at the June board meeting, and share an update to members on our progress at the July members meeting.

What has the LTP Committee been up to since the start of the year? 

We formed the Long Term Planning Committee in 2021 to help set a more clear direction for the current board and future boards. The stated purpose of the LTP Committee is to preserve the health of Indian Lake and maintenance of the Indian Lake community roads, infrastructure and common community areas in order to protect and enhance the Indian Lake Community for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

Our goal for 2021 is to build out scenarios based on likely outcomes for Indian Hills and share that outlook with the community. These scenarios will include options to obtain additional funding to fix our roads and maintain our lake, and its important to note that these scenarios will only come to fruition if the members vote to increase funding.  This committee is also considering that a portion of our membership faces hardships, and we are exploring ways to fund our community needs and assist members who need it.  We anticipate sharing outputs from our efforts and providing updates throughout the year.

Over the first three months, the team has been busy working to understand the history of the MIP and digesting previous survey feedback from the membership, working to understand our present financial condition, developing our mission, vision, and values, and setting up a framework to work across the existing committees to understand funding needs and potential avenues for obtaining additional funding for these major projects. We will be coming back to our members in July with an update on how our scenario planning is going.

R C Dixon