ILPOA President Update (11/23/20)

ILPOA Election Update (11/20)
November 20, 2020
ILPOA Legal Chair Update (11/23/20)
November 23, 2020
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ILPOA President Update (11/23/20)


COVID still continues to be at the forefront of 2020.  Just like the rest of the world, it is affecting how we do things at Indian Hills.  Remember, there is a wide array of opinions on COVID, masks, etc – please be respectful of your neighbor’s feelings.  Thankfully, we have been able to move forward on some Covid-friendly events/meetings, etc. 

Thank you so much to all the folks that volunteered to work the election.  This year, due to COVID, vote counting was split into two days which carried over into three days when it was discovered that 80+ ballots (postmarked October 2020) were still at the post office.  All election results will be posted in a separate correspondence.  The Election Committee consisted of Marsha Schramm, Kathy Kamper, Jackie Koyn and Michelle Cason.  The volunteers for 2020 were:  Norma McGuirk, Cindy DuBois, Barry Alick, Barb Seerey, Dana Murray, Kim Johnson, Jan Hornberger, Margie Beckmann, Kathy Hamm,  Jeanette Pitman, Doug Pitman, Karen Bell, Ann Missel, Mike Fansler, Rhonda Emmons, and Gary Kamper.  I don’t know where Indian Hills would be without the folks who constantly volunteer for the good of the Association. 

The contractor is ready to begin the demolition and building of the new Cove 9 bridge.  Unfortunately, we have experienced quite a bit of rain which has caused the water in the lake to rise again.  Remember that there are creeks that feed our lake and runoff from all the property around the lake.  This weekend we received 2.5” of rain, but the lake rose 3 feet!

Finally, I wanted to clarify misinformation posted on “measuring boats.”  Here are the facts:  This summer, a member had registered a new boat at the office.  All paperwork submitted as registration listed that the speed boat was 22’.  However, the board had received conflicting information that the boat may have not been the boat that was registered, or that it was longer than the 22’.   After contacting the member, he invited the board to measure the boat.  Chris Pinaire, Dale Brunts, Don Kalista and myself measured the boat and found it to be in fact 22’, as the paperwork said.  This is the only runabout to be measured by any board members in at least 4 years, probably much longer.  There are no runabouts known to be registered or stickered at the office that are longer than 22’.  The board confirmed at our next board meeting that per our rules and regulations Section 2.D, there is no reason to inspect runabouts, as the registrations contain the boat lengths.  Also, a molded swim platform is included in the length of the boat as it is part of the hull.  If the swim platform is bolted on, it is not included in the length of the boat.  The members will decide by a possible rule change if boats longer than 22’ will be allowed.

Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA President