ILPOA Communication Committee

ILPOA Communication Committee
February 18, 2022
Update from RC Dixon, ILPOA President
March 21, 2022
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ILPOA Communication Committee

The ILPOA is determined to insure that all Indian Hills Subdivision members have the opportunity to be informed about issues and events impacting our community. Our focus will be board communication to members, board committee communication to members and ILPOA Clubs to members.

Our goal is to utilize all regular channels of communication ( email, text, website and social media ) 100% of the time when the board or committees are communicating to members. Additional channels for select content include Electronic Board and YouTube.

An additional component of our communication to members will be our FM 90.1 station. We are currently seeking FM 90.1 content from board members, board chairs, ILPOA Club chairs and local businesses.

A variety of potential renovations to our ILPOA website are under consideration. Marilynn Sander has been leading this effort by reviewing our current website in comparison to other websites. Our intent is to develop a multi phase approach to improve our website for members, potential members, and guests. We want all such groups to continually go to our website, expecting to see current, useful, key information. The development and maintenance of an up to date calendar of all community activities is recognized as an important outcome of this effort. The envisioned news page will drive people to become better informed on the key issues facing our community.

Please look forward to hearing more about all of these important ILPOA Communication Committee efforts.


RC Dixon