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May 6, 2019
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CHELYABINSK REGION, RUSSIA - JULY 15, 2012: Quad bike BRP Commander Limited at the parking near the interurban freeway.

SECTION 10, GOLF CARTS, ATV’S (All-Terrain Vehicle) and OTRV’s (Over the Road Vehicle). (changed 2016)

A. Other than daylight hours, the golf cart, ATV or OTRV must have and use lights, front and rear, red brake lights and turn signals.

B. The golf cart, ATV or OTRV must observe all traffic laws on the roads.

C. The driver must be of legal age and show proof of driver’s license, if requested by a Security Officer.

D. The golf cart, ATV or OTRV will not be allowed to carry more than it has seats for. (No standing or more than three (3) passengers in a bench seat).

E. The golf cart, ATV or OTRV Must be driven on the right side of the roads and move over when other vehicles need to pass.

F. Three (3) inch high lot numbers are required on front and rear of the golf cart, ATV or OTRV.

G. Golf carts, ATV’s and OTRV’s are only permitted to be driven on roadways and are not to be driven through members property or on unpaved/un-graveled association property that is not owned by the driver or owner of said vehicle.